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  1. 4xFletch

    Heat exchanger exploration

    Wondering if anyone has experience with a heat exchanger plate like this: 30-Plate 3x8 Water to Water Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 3/4" MPT, 316L St Steel | eBay My idea is to remove the heater under the passenger seat in my 80 and hook up one of these to the existing heater hoses. Then I...
  2. 4xFletch

    For Sale Weber Q200 portable camping bbq

    Selling my weber Q200 that I never use anymore. It is dirty and needs a good cleaning but works as it should. You can screw in small propane tanks or get an adapter to connect to a large tank. Comes with the folding stand. $100. Local only please. Shipping is not an option.
  3. 4xFletch

    For Sale Set of 4 80 series stock coil springs

    Sold Just lifted my 1997 FZJ80 and now selling a set of 4 OEM (stock) coil springs that are in great condition. No rust and no sag. Just north of Atlanta GA. $100. Pick up only. Shipping would be too expensive. Color codes Front: purple/blue/white and purple/green/white Back: lime green/...
  4. 4xFletch

    Brake booster hissing. Possible to replace seal

    This morning my brake pedal became hard to press while pullling into a parking spot and now have a hissing sound when pressing the pedal. Seems obvious that it is the brake booster leaking at the slave arm. Is it possible to replace a seal or do I have to buy a new brake booster?
  5. 4xFletch

    In Lexington for work, Need recommendations

    Hello all. I travel a lot for work and try to bring my 80 with me so I can work on it after work and on weekends so I don’t go stir crazy in the hotel. I’ll be in Lexington for a couple of months and would like to get my exhaust re-routed over the frame and cat changed. Looking for shop...
  6. 4xFletch

    For Sale Viair 450C air compressor. Used once.

    SOLD I'm selling a practically brand new Viair 450c 12 volt compressor. I used it once to try it out. I have a york oba so I don't need this. I added 10 feet of 8 gauge wiring and battery clips (all soldered connections). Comes with two extra air filter elements, air filter relocation kit and...
  7. 4xFletch

    Tinging at the Flexplate Help

    I just replace the motor. Runs good but I am getting a metallic ting on start up and a little here and there on idle but seems to increase as the engine warms up. I’m assuming that the flex plate maybe hitting the starter gear. I’m also guessing that I must not have set the Torque converter in...
  8. 4xFletch

    For Sale (1) 285/75/16 BFG Mud. Atlanta area

    Old style BF Goodrich mud terrain. Has about 20% tread. No patches. $25. Pick up only in Atlanta area.
  9. 4xFletch

    For Sale Mahle 4.5 head gasket kit

    SOLD Toyota Lexus 4.5 1fz-fe Clevite Mahle head gasket kit Land Cruiser LX450 HS54466 New in the original box and packaging. Comes with all the needed gaskets to complete the head gasket replacement. $140 shipped Conus.
  10. 4xFletch

    For Sale High clearance hitch

    I believe this is the man-a-fre version. It is very stout. Came off of my 1997 80. May fit other years that have the 4 bolt holes in the middle of the bumper. Includes the bolts. $80 shipped conus.
  11. 4xFletch

    For Sale 80 series misc good stuff

    Cleaning out my garage of stuff I don’t think I need anymore. All prices include shipping CONUS Trail gear knuckle rebuilt kit 303441-1-kit NIB. $75 SOLD Gamiviti NIB rain gutter 30-60 risers set of 4 $100 SOLD High clearance Hitch that mounts to the 4 mystery holes. $80 SOLD LSPV used but...
  12. 4xFletch

    For Sale 1FZ-FE Engine w/ harness and acc. and head gasket kit

    I'm selling my spare 1FZ. Blackstone test (attached) showed possible coolant in the oil so I pull the motor and put in a lower mileage engine. I got a Mahle head gasket kit with plans to freshen this one up and have a spare but I realized I don't have time for that. It has about 282,000. Runs...
  13. 4xFletch

    For Sale Blue sea fuse block 5026 12 circuit

    SOLD: I installed this for only a short time before going a different route. 12 circuit with ground. $30 shipped conus.
  14. 4xFletch

    Wanted 80 series Tow hitch in GA or SC

    Im looking for the full tow hitch that mounts to the frame that will fit a 1997 fzj80. I live near Atlanta but am working in Columbia SC so in that area for pick up would be great. Shipping would be cost prohibitive.
  15. 4xFletch

    Wanted Gutter mount roof rack towers

    Looking for a set of 4 used roof rack towers that mount to the rain gutter. I do not have the OEM roof rack so I would prefer the low profile style. Thanks
  16. 4xFletch

    For Sale New OME steering damper

    I have 2 new OMESD24 steering dampers. Fits 80 series and other land cruisers. $75 each shipping included for CONUS
  17. 4xFletch

    For Sale 265/75/16 Yokohama Geolandar 50-70% tread. Atlanta

    Good set of 4. No repairs and no dry rot cracks. Great condition. $220 for all 4.
  18. 4xFletch

    Builds The Magnificent Seven: Build thread.

    A couple of weeks ago I came across a 1997 Collector edition on Craigslist that looked to be in good shape. In one of the pictures of the interior I could barely make out the magic dial. It had just posted so I called right away and drove 2.5 hours the next morning with the whole family in tow...
  19. 4xFletch

    For Sale 80 series springs

  20. 4xFletch

    Wanted 285/75/16 used tire for a spare

    I need a used 285/75/16 tire to use as a spare. I am in the Atlanta area. Please PM me if you have something available. Thank you
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