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  1. Rifleman

    1993/1994 AFM (Volume Air Flow Meter) Interchange List

    I'm trying to make up a list of other Toyota cars, and trucks that use a AFM that will work on 1993, and 1994 Land Cruiser. I've read that some early production 1995 Land Cruisers came with a AFM, but since 1995 was the change over year from OBD1 using the AFM, to OBD2 using a MAF, I'm not sure...
  2. Rifleman

    Fuel pressure regulator thread size.

    I'd like to check the fuel pressure on my 94 Land Cruiser, but the way the FSM says to perform this job is by removing the fuel line Banjo bolt from the fuel rail back by the EGR valve. Then you install a Schrader valve adapter in place of the Banjo bolt so you can connect your fuel pressure...
  3. Rifleman

    Planing ahead, and why you should always carry extra gear.

    My wife and i planed a day trip to go look at the snow up north. Before we left we checked the weather report where we were going, it said it was supposed to be partly cloudy and cold. Even so we still packed up some extra cold weather clothing, sleeping bags, along with some food and water...
  4. Rifleman

    No check engine light, ruff idle problem

    I've run into a intermittent ruff idle problem the past few days, but do to limited time i haven't had a chance to trouble shoot it yet. I'm working with a 1994 Land Cruiser. So far the problem seems to only cause the idle to drift up, and down between 650, and 475 RPM while in drive, with AC...
  5. Rifleman

    Costs of Arizona Car&Truck registration GOING UP!.

    Well it seems that TPTB have made up their mind that they need to reach a little deeper into our pockets. That’s right, Beginning next month when you go to the Motor Vehicle Division to register any of your vehicles, you'll be slapped with a $32 public safety fee for every car, truck and...
  6. Rifleman

    Installing Old Man EMU Stock Height Replacement spring kit

    Well since my truck is now almost 25 years old, i thought it was high time for some fresh springs. Since i didn't want to install a lift kit, and all the extra work that comes along with doing a lift, i went with stock height springs. Even going with OME factory stock height springs, they still...
  7. Rifleman

    For Sale 94 Arizona rust free low miles 3Xlocked

    First off this is not my truck, found it on Craig's list so don't contact me with questions. Rust free Arizona only truck with 151000 miles. Located in Phoenix Arizona (602) 570-4029 If you are from out of state, and would like me to look at this truck to do a pre buy inspection, PM me. 1994...
  8. Rifleman

    Parting Out 91 to 97 factory duel fuel filler neck

    This is not my item so don't contact me, i saw this on a craigs list ad. Call (928) 358-3897 item is located in Payson Arizona. Cost $375.00
  9. Rifleman

    Bolt On Spare Tire Carrier

    I, like most Mud members have wanted to get my spare tire out from underneath my truck since i bought it, in order to gain more ground clearance. With the summer camping season coming up i wanted to buy a bolt on spare tire carrier, but i didn't want to wait months to take delivery, so i built...
  10. Rifleman

    For Sale 1994 Ariz. 1 owner 3X locked

    This is not my truck so don't contact me, i saw this on craigs list, and though a Mub member might want a clean, low mile, rust free, one owner, Arizona truck. $9700.00 * UPDATE (8-27-17) i see that this owner has posted another ad for this truck with a lower price of $9500.00, so it looks like...
  11. Rifleman

    94 Land Cruiser Build date info

    The Vin tag on the door of my Land Cruiser says it was built in March of 1994. What month did Toyota stop production of the 1994 Land Cruisers made for the American market, and start making the 1995 model. Was it in August, or September of 1994, or was it a different month?
  12. Rifleman

    How i fixed my 94 L.C. check engine light Code 26

    I Went to the store the other day, and as i was pulling out of the parking lot i noticed my engine RPM's floating up and down. Next, i noticed as i pulled up to the stop light the motor wanted to die, and got worse with the AC turned on. When i turned the AC off, it seemed to make the motor...
  13. Rifleman

    High elevation, why you need a Turbo, Supercharger, or V8 swap in your L.C.

    I've owned my 94 Land Cruiser going on 2 1/2 years, and during all that time it has taken my wife, and i everywhere we wanted to go. We would do 1, or 2 day camping trips in the cool winter months all over the desert southwest. There are some really cool places to check out in the desert when...
  14. Rifleman

    For Sale Factory Toyota supercharger for 95 to 96 Land Cruiser

    First this is NOT my part, it.s a local ad i saw on craigs list. Call the phone number listed in the ad if you have any questions, do NOT CONTACT ME. I have a used toyota landcruiser trd super charger for sale. Latest generation trd sc, before being discontinued by trd for the 80 series 95-97...
  15. Rifleman

    New Use For My Factory Roof Rack

    Here are some photos of my new roof rack. I know, i know, most members can't wait to rip their factory roof racks off, and throw them in the trash. I've read all the threads about how they are junk, and the nut rivets that mount them can have rust issues. For me, i just can't afford to throw...
  16. Rifleman

    Parting Out Two, HJ 61

    I saw this ad on my local Craig's list, and thought other Mud members may find some parts they need, I'm not the seller, so please DON'T contact me. The ad says they have the PTO winch along with cable lockers. TEXT (480) 395-5734 RARE HJ61 TOYOTA TURBO DIESEL PARTS AVAILABLE PTO WINCH LOCKERS
  17. Rifleman

    Before your hood lock fails, got a backup plan?

    Today i was going to do the 7 pin mod on my truck. After opening up my dash, i came across an old car alarm that the PO never told me about. So since i was already there, i made up my mind to remove that alarm before it starts giving me problems. While removing it, i opened my hood (this turned...
  18. Rifleman

    Milestar Patagonia Mud Tires

    I just installed some new tires on my truck. They have a very open mud style tread, the price for them was very reasonable. Since the spare tire on my truck was the original Bridgestone from 1994, i bought 5 tires. They were LT265/75/16R load range E. The cost for all 5 tires ($805) with...
  19. Rifleman

    Factory bumper hidden winch install

    I just wanted to share some photos of my hidden winch install. I bought a used Ramsey Pro 9000 winch off of Craigs List for 200 bucks. I then spent the better part of a month doing the install.
  20. Rifleman

    How to drill your Brifields, for a grease fitting

    I posted a few days ago that I'm helping a friend replace all the bearings and seals in his front axle. Another member PM me a link on how he had his CV joints machined so he could grease them without taking the axle apart. I looked over the link he sent me, and we made up our minds to do this...
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