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  1. KrOswalt

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just wrapped up the passenger seat with some fancy new leather. Been looking at write ups and I’m pretty sure everyone’s been doing it wrong, or I simply couldn’t find a good write up, I dunno. Prob gonna do a write up when I do the driver seat. Land Cruiser Heaven’s gonna have my booty feelin...
  2. KrOswalt

    Help identify this sound. Video Clip Inside

    Hard to tell, I’m guessing a bushing or something to do with the coil spring rubbing on something. Just start spraying some lube and troubleshooting/narrowing it down
  3. KrOswalt

    For Sale SOLD

  4. KrOswalt

    For Sale SOLD

    Brand new OME castor correction bushings. $60 shipped from 35476. Lower 48 states only
  5. KrOswalt

    SOLD selling my 4x4labs front bumper, 12k warn winch.

    Try living in the southeast (Alabama). Usually 1 good deal a year and it’s several hours drive away.
  6. KrOswalt

    Wanted FZJ80 Green driver side flare rear

    Looking for a rear driver side flare that mounts to the body, not the door. I ripped mine off and screwed some of the mounts up, it’s still usable but I have my doubts on its longevity. Thanks dudes
  7. KrOswalt

    For Sale 80 series fender flares-full set (southern Utah)

    I know you might not want to now but if enough parts get called for individually ad you’d separate them I’d like the drivers side rear the mounts to the body.
  8. KrOswalt

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    That’s a sweet brown 80 you got there :rofl:
  9. KrOswalt

    Sunroof haters please read ! (delete sunroof)

    I’m in it for the insulation factor, no future leaks is just a bonus
  10. KrOswalt

    Sunroof haters please read ! (delete sunroof)

    Resurrecting an old thread in hope to get some info. To anyone that’s done this, did you notice any substantial temp changes? Would you do it again? How much did it cost just to get your roof painted? I’m 99% sure I can weld in a panel and remove the cassette, but I’m no body/paint man...
  11. KrOswalt

    For Sale SoCal 80 series new yodateq 50” led bar mounts

    If something falls thru and you wanna ship put me in line
  12. KrOswalt

    Wanted Mechanical/Manual front seats FZJ80

    Looking for mechanical seats to swap into my 1996 FZJ80 so I can get rid of the electrical seats I have now. I would rather sell them than take the time of replacing all the gears in them. Located in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Willing to drive a reasonable distance or pay for shipping if you have some...
  13. KrOswalt

    Vent shades

    Look up “Well Visors”, they have my approval so far
  14. KrOswalt

    For Sale Sold

    Tires sold yesterday, forgot to update. Sorry man
  15. KrOswalt

    For Sale Sold

  16. KrOswalt

    For Sale Sold

    Bump, new pics, new price, matching spare added to the mix
  17. KrOswalt

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Don’t be so modest. I’ve called an hour past closing time not realizing what time it was and one of you guys just happened to be walking thru the shop and answered the phone to take my order. And it was over an hour past closing time, not just 5-10 minutes. I had my parts before the shop in town...
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