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  1. HelloKitty65

    Challenge to the Jeep Boat

    An outfit in California sells this amphibious 'Jeep like' boat. I think a 'Land Cruiser like' version would be better. Google 'Jeep boat' for fun you-tube videos. Leno test drove one.
  2. HelloKitty65

    craigslist Not mine, Spring green hard top '65 in Clarkston WA., $12,500

    Not Mine. Thought I'd share this for fun. Thoroughly unrealistic price (even dropped to $12.5k) for so many mods and condition, but a looker. Save it from being a "mud runner"! For when the ad goes...
  3. HelloKitty65

    craigslist Not mine: '73 in Clatskanie OR

    Not mine. Interesting, mostly original and cheap. They're asking $2,300 now. Pics for when the ad is gone:
  4. HelloKitty65

    Stewardship of pigs

    "Stewardship" first appeared in the English language about a thousand years ago. says that steward was from the old English "stiward, stigweard "house guardian, housekeeper," from stig "hall, pen for cattle, part of a house" (see sty (n.1)) + weard "guard" (from...
  5. HelloKitty65

    Wanted Turbo Encabulator

    As discussed here. I'd rather not pay 750,000,000 ;)
  6. HelloKitty65

    FREE Now Gone: Aftermarket rear bumpers, SW WA.

    Got two of these. One off of a '64, the other off a '68. Won't ship, take one or both. Next stop, a scrap pile.
  7. HelloKitty65

    Wanted 1 unobtanium '64 tailight bracket.

    I already have two of Mark's fine early reproduction brackets on one rig, but hope to find one OEM bracket for Miss Kitty, to complete her classic look. Condition isn't too critical, I'll repair it as necessary. It looks like the one pictured. They aren't any wider than the frame, as opposed to...
  8. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Not mine. Idaho '74,

    Not mine. 1974 Toyota FJ40 landcruiser "Mostly rust free" in Idaho means no rust to the rest of us. 13 more pics on CL, but none of the engine bay.
  9. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Not mine, $2k '71 in Seattle

    Not mine. Looks like fun. You could do it. You know you wanna. For when the ad goes away: "Stripped body and frame. Great project. PO was going to build into wheeler with 350. Auto tranny and buildable 350 included. No seats, doors do not go with, basically a tub sitting on frame." 71...
  10. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Super-early fuse block

    Pre-dates my merely early Jan. '64 build. It's the type that takes a metal cover, which I don't have. Very nice condition. All the screws move and all the washers and lock washers are there. Price drop, $45 shipping included in US.
  11. HelloKitty65

    Can you clean a Specter water can of gas?

    Figuired this might be the place to ask. Don't ask how said gas got into said brown water container. It was only in there momentarily. I've been washing and rinsing for a few weeks now. Can still smell it. Can it be made clean again?
  12. HelloKitty65

    Builds The Teal Shpeal. A 7-'71 FJ40

    I didn't really know what a rust free 46 year old body could be until seeing one in Idaho. Later I spotted this rig offered locally on CL, a spring green FJ40 with Arizona roots and original paint. The seller pulled a disappearing act and I'd nearly lost hope, but now she sits in my garage...
  13. HelloKitty65

    CL scam?

    Top sign of a CL scam: "Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face to complete the transaction." But things aren't always what they seem. Persevere and maybe you can find the elusive CL lister...
  14. HelloKitty65

    SOLD SOLD. Not mine, '75 FJ55 in Boise

    1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 I realize I've posted a few of these. Sorry the Vida OR one was unresponsive. This one I went and saw while traveling. Owner David is a heck of a nice, straight up kind of guy and he's flexible on the price. It has body rust but is stock and complete. He may have...
  15. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Not mine. $1,500 '71 in OR

    Not mine. 71 Toyota landcruiser
  16. HelloKitty65

    Wanted Found. A pre '63 250 mm adjustable wrench for '63 -'65

    I need the '63-'65 version of the oval pad, TEQ symbol, 250 mm adjustable wrench. It should say "Made in Japan" on the reverse. As shown from two of @wscbill 's photos. For trade I have the earlier, pre '63 wrench (oval pad, TEQ symbol, _no_ country of origin). The dark one pictured. For this...
  17. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Not mine. Prineville OR CL $2,500

    Not mine. But I get excited at any old rig from this region. Low rust means low rust. 1964 Landcruiser
  18. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Withdrawn, gonna keep Stella. 68 FJ40 in SW Washington

    Update: Always wanted a spring green FJ40. Didn't know I ALREADY HAD A BEAUTY RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE! Tried some citrus paint remover on the outside, and the dark green and a gray primer comes off like it's water soluble. The factory green looks _good_ underneath. Protected over time by cheap...
  19. HelloKitty65

    For Sale Not mine. '67 in Spokane

    Not mine. In Spokane. Has the unobtanium mirror... 1967 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser Lotsa pics.
  20. HelloKitty65

    Wanted Early PTO knob

    Looks like this. Was used in other capacities too. Have one of these I could offer in trade, unused and oem. Same threads.
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