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  1. badmuthatrucka

    Power steering mystery

    Okay, so this has me stumped. I bought my '93 FZJ80 back in '06. In the summer of '07 I went on a wheeling trip around Colorado. When we ran Chinaman Gulch, I hit an obstacle a little too hard on the passenger-side front and the low-pressure return line on the PS Gearbox blew and I lost all of...
  2. badmuthatrucka

    Wheel specifications

    I've searched for hours now on this forum, and I've searched through my FSM. Does anyone know the specs on a standard 80 series wheel? I would like to know center-hole measurement, spacing of the lugs, and backspacing for a standard '93.
  3. badmuthatrucka

    Wheeling near Las Vegas

    Looking for other 80 owners around Lost Wages to go wheeling with. Is there a club around here that just isn't listed? I see sincitywickedfjs, but I don't want to cramp their style by showing them they picked the wrong Toyota...
  4. badmuthatrucka

    Engine code help needed!

    So, I already have one thread up because of other problems. I need to get the 80 to pass emissions here in Las Vegas, which means it has to pass being hooked up to an engine code reader. All they do is check to see if your vehicle is supposed to have its CEL on, and that determines whether or...
  5. badmuthatrucka

    AC not working, blowing fuses

    Okay, this is going to be a long one. I apologize in advance. So, I just moved down to Las Vegas, NV from Provo, UT. We had to drive the 80 because the tires were too big to use with the vehicle carrier. For a while the cruise control stopped working, but later came back on. Still have no idea...
  6. badmuthatrucka

    Emissions infor for Las Vegas

    So, I just got a job down in Las Vegas, and I am wondering what I need to know about getting my 80 tested and licensed. In Colorado, we have to do a dynamometer test, which requires me to get smaller tires for a day and requires me to remove my front drive-shaft. This is a pain, and I have had...
  7. badmuthatrucka

    Front diff light on while driving. RTH needed

    Okay, after running a trail about a month ago, my front diff lock light came on. It stayed on for about a week, then went off again. This past Monday it came on again. Sometimes it comes on after driving for a while, other times it comes on just after start-up. From steering, I can tell the diff...
  8. badmuthatrucka

    Does anyone have pre-OBDII engine code list?

    I know they are out there somewhere. Since is no longer available, I thought someone on this forum might have been smart/anal enough to have printed them off or saved a version for themselves. I have a 93 FZJ80 and am getting engine codes 41 and 71. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. badmuthatrucka

    Littleton, CO Need emission tires

    Anyone near Littleton with some tires small enough to get on the emissions dynos and willing to let a poor college student borrow them? You can use my 35s while my 80 gets tested! Please let me know.
  10. badmuthatrucka

    Front Brake Problem

    Okay, so here's where I am now. Put 100 series pads up front about 2 years ago. Took out the anti-squeel little metal things to get them on, no problems until about a month ago. I started getting this high-pitched squeel just at certain speeds, and then it got better for a while. Now the squeel...
  11. badmuthatrucka

    Spray-on Bedliner as undercoating?

    I know I don't own a 40... yet! I was wondering what you guys use on your tubs for spray-on bedliner, and what the best stuff is. I also would like to know what is the most cost-effective, that is, what is the least expensive but still effective. It would also help if this was limited to the...
  12. badmuthatrucka

    OEM Front bumper and rear bumper wings 93 FZJ80

    I've got the front bumper off of my 80 and the side pieces from the rear bumper if anyone wants them. $100.00 plus shipping for the front. $25.00 plus shipping each for the rear wings.
  13. badmuthatrucka

    Need help ASAP: Charging problems!

    Okay, I just got done with my HG replacement about a month ago. Two and one-half weeks after the job was done, my battery died, leaving me stranded. Got a jump, was able to drive home, and took out the alternator. Had it tested, it checks out. Had the battery tested, brand new Optima red-top, it...
  14. badmuthatrucka

    Rear diff lock sensor

    Okay, I just spent an hour and a half looking at 246 old threads to find the rear diff lock sensor and wiring harness part numbers so I can call Dan and order one. Any thread that had links to other threads that specifically mentioned this did not work. I guess the threads had expired. Any help...
  15. badmuthatrucka

    Suspension suggestions wanted

    Okay, I've got a franken-lift. FJBen did a sick(as in great) job on the suspension before I bought it from him. I actually have dropped both rear springs out of the back completely on a couple trails. Not both at the same time, though. I wanted to see what people's suggestions would be for what...
  16. badmuthatrucka

    Power Steering leak

    Okay, it looks like I am leaking from both the reservoir and the gear housing. How common are each of these, and what will it cost to get the parts? I'm going to call CDan tomorrow, since I wasn't able to get back to him today (stupid college classes). Also, I can't find anything on playing...
  17. badmuthatrucka

    Recommend a shop to shave head?

    (Not mine, I'm almost bald!) I am going to be replacing my HG on a 93 FZJ80, and it has been suggested that I get the head shaved and possibly rebuilt while it's off. Does anyone in the Denver area have any experience with getting this done, and have any positive feedback, or places to steer...
  18. badmuthatrucka

    Furnace and ducting problems.

    I am trying to help a friend who has a Goodman furnace. It looks as though whoever put it in did less than a half-a@@ job on it. It is hooked up to the same plenum as her roof mounted swamp cooler, but there is no way to cut off the air flow going to the cooler. So she is essentially heating the...
  19. badmuthatrucka

    Wanted  Door Lock control module

    I need a door lock control module for a 93 FZJ80. Hopefully one that is around Denver, or at least Colorado. PM me with price.
  20. badmuthatrucka

    Help Needed On Door Locks

    Has anyone ever had a problem with their power door locks? I've been having trouble with mine for about three weeks now. They won't lock, and sometimes keep me from locking them manually. They also sound like they are cycling "locked" and "unlocked" while I am driving. The only thing I have been...
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