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    Grinding noise while truck is off with battery disconnected.

    Hi, all - started the truck in extreme cold, about 0F. Noticed that the truck's water temp was increasing way, way faster than normal, as it usually takes several minutes. Truck drove normally, drove back, same problem. Sat and let it idle, brought revs up to about 3k and it did manage to hit...
  2. math

    Reassembling valve cover...what goes here? Not a standard carb.

    Where does the PCV valve hose go, and what goes in the little round hole near the fill cap? The little hole near the fill cap was plugged with a stick when I bought it. Thanks.
  3. math

    Will a 1FZ-FE engine from a '95 LX450 fit my '97 Land Cruiser?

    I just want to make sure that this should work before I purchase the engine. The VIN is a 4th-digit "H" number, and I posted the sticker with the manufacturing information with this post. Thanks!
  4. math

    1979 Toyota Pickup - millennial edition - older than I am. Tell me all about it.

    Just bought this '79 Toyota pickup: Background: I blew up our '97 Land Cruiser's engine. It turns out that our oil pressure gauge actually wasn't dead, we were actually getting no oil pressure. Still managed to drive it 7000+ miles before I developed a severe rod knock. That should tell you...
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    Wanted  Looking for a replacement 1FZ-FE engine (Colorado, USA)

    Hi. We're looking for a replacement 1FZ-FE engine for our '97 FZJ80. Preferably rebuilt or low mileage, but beggars can't be choosers I guess. My boyfriend blew up the engine, so we need to replace it ASAP. (He said he was sorry.) It actually just seems to be a severe rod-knock. We're around...
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    New 315's, not doing serious wheeling until winter's over - new axles or U-joints?

    Put some new Duratracs, 315/75/R16, on our cruiser. As preventative maintenance, should I go ahead and buy some beefier birfs, and replace my old U-joints, assuming that my serious wheeling is finished for now? Does it matter for the fairly small amount of on-road driving I do? I understand that...
  7. math

    Fun fact: If you have a 60" hi-lift and no second-row seats, you can bolt the hi-lift inside.

    10mm, 1.25 pitch for the bolts. I got 80mm bolts which were obviously a bit too long. Obviously a rough draft (or crappy hack job) and the horn doesn't fit perfectly, but a little bit of wiggling and the holes line up and nothing crashes into the doors. Someone should make a product that wasn't...
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    Any easy way to mount a 60" Hi-Lift on the stock rear bumper?

    Don't have a real rear bumper and my hi-lift is going to have to live in the truck unless I can figure out a way to stick it to the rear bumper. I'd rather not mount it on the front bumper (ARB). Any suggestions?
  9. math

    RTH - Alternator bracket woes - power steering hose.

    Purchased the Photoman bracket. Before I detail my issue, I want to make it clear that none of this is in any way his fault. He's been helpful - this is my power steering hose's fault! Look closely and you will see that my power steering hose (the one to be anchored by the 22mm banjo bolt)...
  10. math

    Voltage light on - battery not charging. Thoughts on batteries, alts, etc.

    So right after we did rear rotors/pads (CLEARLY the cause of this problem), the voltage light started coming on randomly and the scangauge showed that my battery voltage was quite low, even at high idle. Then weird stuff started happening, for example: Scangauge wouldn't turn on, extremely high...
  11. math

    What happened to Slee's nice foldable off-road jack stand?

    The one in this link. I really like the idea and if they're in production I want a set.
  12. math

    Doing rear brakes today - any last-minute tips?

    I've already watched this extremely helpful video and have pored over the FSM (though it doesn't seem to show how to replace rotors, I guess it assumes that everyone knows how to do that). I have a nice set of PowerStop K1155 pads and rotors with all the little sliding parts and rubbery bits...
  13. math

    Import process - am I correct, and do I need a registered importer?

    Okay, let's say I get my 25+ year old truck, which is still stock, on a RORO/in a container/whatever and now it's at the port. I drive to the port with a trailer. Now I am at the port. One question I really wish to know the answer to is this - can I do it all myself? This may sound odd, but it's...
  14. math

    ABS light constantly on, no idea if it even works - can I still bleed the brakes?

    Our ABS light has been on since the day we bought the truck, previous owner did 7-pin mod. I've got no idea why it's on and no idea if ABS actually works. Frankly, I'm hoping the sensor is just not plugged in or something, which I should see during the front axle teardown. Should I go out and...
  15. math

    Entire front axle removal - how much more work than a front axle rebuild?

    Some of you may recall our plight, working in a storage unit and not having enough space to get both birfs out at the same time. We took a good look at it and realized that the front axle, while mechanically solid, is looking a little bit dingy. If we remove the axle entirely, we have all the...
  16. math

    Front axle rebuild - how much clearance do I need to either side of the truck?

    Working in a 10ft wide storage unit. Will I be able to get the axles out of the axle housing if I center the truck in the unit? Thanks.
  17. math

    What Japanese auction sites should I be watching for diesel 80's?

    I was originally intending to get one from Canada (still my plan) but it's nice to look. What are some of the more common auction houses you watched to get your diesel 80? Thanks.
  18. math

    (marine) battery suggestions?

    Hey, guys. It's time for me to buy a replacement battery. Like many, I had the diehard platinum 31m, and I'm looking for a new option. I was considering getting an Interstate, but I have not seen any examples on Mud of people using their marine battteries. Does anybody know of a suitable one...
  19. math

    Taking the plunge near year's end - what diesel 80 should I be looking for?

    With a real need for 4x4 on a daily basis, my old Prius wasn't cutting it, and the gas 80 has become our DD. We have had such a spectacularly good experience with the 80 that we want another. I love that little Prius, but reality is what it is and 2wd doesn't really cut it where we now live...
  20. math

    Anyone near Leadville?

    Just moved to Colorado, and our "project" vehicle, our 80, has become our DD! Well, that's great, because we love cruisers. I don't think we're ready for any trail rides just yet, but once we find a garage to get our cruiser up to snuff, we will be! It works well, we just want to do some PM...
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