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  1. BG85FJ60

    EGR bypass question

    After searching many threads here on Mud in regards to the common 2F hesitation/lurching/bucking problem upon acceration, I ended up bypassing my EGR modulator. I did this by plugging the bottom hose & the single hose on top of the modulator. Man what a difference! Engine now performs so much...
  2. BG85FJ60

    Sway Bar question

    Bought this sway bar on ebay today, thinking it was for the rear. Guess that's what I get for opening the wallet before taking a closer look. My question is, is there any way to make it work as a rear sway bar for the 60? Since I have already made the purchase I might as well give it shot.
  3. BG85FJ60

    Cheap Winter Resto

    Follow if you will cruiserheads... I will be doing a cheap but thurough resto on my 85 FJ60 throughout this winter so I figured I would start a thread (with lots of pics) for any questions, suggestions, recommendations, or general chat, etc. I will be posting pics daily/weekly as I go along. So...
  4. BG85FJ60

    Oil Recomendations...

    Time for an oil change on the 60. This will be my first oil change since I bought the rig about 2 months ago from Florida. Here's the stats: 1985 FJ60 161,000 original miles, fully smogged original 2F. I live on the coast of NC (at sea level) with summer temps 85-95 and winter temps anywhere...
  5. BG85FJ60

    Tranny drain plug - Excessive or Normal

    85 FJ60 w/ 160, xxx miles. Just purchased the rig about a month ago. Going through it slowly as my wallet will allow. Anyway, just finished draining and refilling the 4-speed transmission & transfer case. Looking at the drain plug, can anyony tell me if this looks like normal wear or excessive...
  6. BG85FJ60

    Any 60'ers in Eastern NC

    Just acquired my 1st 85 FJ60. Was finally able to purchase my dream rig and didn't tell the the wife about it until it showed up on my door step. She scalded me for a while until she drove it. Now she loves it just as much I do. Anyway, just looking for any other gearheads in the area to throw...
  7. BG85FJ60

    Rust prevention

    Okay gents. Just bought an 85 FJ60, looking to restore over time. First issue is protecting the underside from rust. My question is: which is better POR-15, Eastwood, Bullet, Chassis saver, etc. Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  8. BG85FJ60

    Corner panel estimate

    Newbie here! Just bought an 85 fj60. Light rust on rear corner panels with bubbling paint. Frame and undercarriage only has slight surface rust. I live on coast of NC so of course my first course of action is to attack the corner panels with new metal. Any idea of what this would cost at a body...
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