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  1. brettk

    Dogs of MUD!

    Ruger taking credit for prairie dogs that he didn’t catch.
  2. brettk

    For Sale CO: 80 series rear heater assembly & rust-free heater hard pipes

    You don’t still have that pipe do you?
  3. brettk

    Rear Heater Lines Replacement

    You’re the man, thanks! Looks like they’re $230 on amayama
  4. brettk

    Rear Heater Lines Replacement

    I was unaware these were still available. Can you share the part numbers please?
  5. brettk

    94 Heater hose, need help

    I’m not sure of a part number, if you walk into an auto store (like Napa or O’Reilley’s) just ask for Gates green stripe coolant hose or similar.
  6. brettk

    For Sale  22re Air box, intake tube and hose

    Sorry for the late notice, but I’m moving in 2 days. Instead of throwing this stuff away, I know one of you could likely use this. Pay for shipping before we leave, and its yours. All of this came off an 89 Pickup with the 22re. All of the smog equipment has been previously removed, I don’t have...
  7. brettk

    Exhaust Advice Needed

    Have you looked into a resonator? On both of my vehicles I’ve got stock mufflers, no cats, and resonators. My 22re was super quiet until I put a header in.
  8. brettk

    ISO airflow sensor Guy from eBay rebuilds them. He recently made an appearance on here. That link should have everything you need.
  9. brettk

    Fork lift engine?

    I was completely unaware that they put a 1fz in a forklift, which makes my initial response completely irrelevant. I should of had a clue since it was in the 80s tech. Disregard my ignorance, carry on.
  10. brettk

    Fork lift engine?

    Yep. We had them at my former job and they were incredible. Majority of most Toyota lifts have the 4Y engine in them, and that engine has been around since at least the mid 80s. They were abused, poorly maintained, and still very reliable. I think sometime around 2015, Toyota introduced a...
  11. brettk

    Rear brake caliper replacement, what else do I need?

    Rear dust covers are NLA. Last I check everyone wanted $400-600 for a pair.
  12. brettk

    93-94 air flow meter AFM rebuild

    It’s not me, just a guy on here that does it. After a quick google search, I found him on eBay.
  13. brettk

    93-94 air flow meter AFM rebuild
  14. brettk

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    Not 100% on the lift, but I think the PO used OME heavies. I leveled it out with Delta spacers and it’s rocking 315’s on 16x10’s.
  15. brettk

    EGR Homage Key Chain 94

    If I’m not mistaken, the egr bolts are longer than the pair bolts. I’m pretty sure I used the pair bolts whenever I installed the egr plates because the plates were thinner than where the egr bolted up to the head.
  16. brettk

    94 Heater hose, need help

    It’s NLA, I just checked on this about a month ago. I used Gates hose as well.
  17. brettk

    Upgrades on my exhaust system? '95 80s

    ACC sells stainless headers as well.
  18. brettk

    Vented Rotor swap-easy as pie!

    Out of curiosity @pappy, does that part number work for both sides or just one?
  19. brettk

    EGR Homage Key Chain 94

    If you delete the pair system, you can use one of those bolts. That’s what most people do.
  20. brettk

    Hissing sound (not brake booster)

    We’re you able to ever to figure this out? I’ve got a pretty nice leak at the fitting between the intake and the brake booster hose. I plan to put some ultra grey on the threads to see if that fixes it.
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