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  1. Ridgerunner78

    Heritage edition wheels

    🤤 Damn, those look sweet! I'm hoping the coating you're talking about is just protection of some sort. That color is bad @ss against a white hundy, I wouldn't change a thing.
  2. Ridgerunner78

    Parting Out 1995 FZj80 Parting Out *updated*

    Do you have a pair of stock front coil springs? TIA
  3. Ridgerunner78

    Marlin Crawler 70” Slider install and rocker panel BS

    Damn, bad luck. I found something similar when I removed my running boards, no hole, but will be soon. Thanks for posting pics of it opened up, now I know what I'll be dealing with in there.
  4. Ridgerunner78

    Best source for Toyota WS ATF

    I can order it online from my local dealer for $7.85/qt. I've found that ordering online from the dealer can be cheaper than calling, or walking up to, the parts counter; then I just walk in and pick it up when the order is ready. Check and see if you can find an online ordering option from...
  5. Ridgerunner78

    Dmax450! Casper gets a duramax!

    Sub'd. Great work, can't wait to see this finished!
  6. Ridgerunner78

    Tensioner pulley kit

    If the actual tensioner part is still in good condition, ie still applying pressure to the belt, then you can definitely just replace the pulley without removing the tensioner. I did this on mine right after I bought it, and did the second ribbed side idler at the same time. Are you sure that...
  7. Ridgerunner78

    100 series exhaust manifold

    Price is too good to be true, and they have 3 reviews on Amazon, all one star. Complaints of poor fitment and leaks. If these weren't such a PITA to replace it might be worth giving them a try. In the case of the 100, doing it right and doing it once seems the best choice. Too bad it's not...
  8. Ridgerunner78

    auxiliary transmission cooler 2006 LX 470

    If you're worried about trans temp, then x2 on getting some kind of monitoring device. I run a Scangauge II with the PID programmed for trans temps. When I do tow it's pretty light, my camper is 1500# dry, and I've never seen the tranny warning light come on. Towing in the summer on the...
  9. Ridgerunner78

    Did the 100 ever come with rear side airbags?

    My '04 has 2nd row side curtain air bags as well. The 100 series FAQ from Slee indicates side airbags as optional in '03+, but I can't speak to the accuracy of that info.
  10. Ridgerunner78

    Replacing Steering Rack....question?

    The shaft on my '04 did not telescope. I had to remove the two bolts from 45219 in that diagram and slide it down the shaft then remove the entire shaft.
  11. Ridgerunner78

    Timing belt help.

    I just ordered the Aisin kit from Rock Auto a couple weeks ago. No issues, genuine article. Mitsuboshi belt, Aisin WP, Koyo idler bearings, NTN tensioner. When I order parts from Amazon I do watch who the seller is and who fulfills the order. Maybe I've been lucky, but I haven't gotten a...
  12. Ridgerunner78

    Timing belt help.

    The Aisin kit is pretty affordable on Amazon and Rock Auto at ~$165. Worth not using chinesium parts if you can swing it.
  13. Ridgerunner78

    Nitto Terra Grappler versus Ridge Grappler?

    My 100 had 275/65-18 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s (load range E) on it when I bought it. They have been fine on/off road, and in the snow. They currently have just under 70k miles on them, and are due to be replaced. I'll probably go with them again as they are the least expensive option of the...
  14. Ridgerunner78

    Seeking advice on shock and rear spring replacement... no lift

    For comparison I have an '04 with OME 865 rear springs and I'm sitting at 21.25" center of hub to fender unloaded with just added weight of sliders. They have settled some as I think it was closer to 22" when I first installed them. I'm also running OEM shocks from the dealer on the rear with...
  15. Ridgerunner78

    RIP Gudmundur 2.0 - TOTALED

    Dang, that sucks. I know right where that happened. Good looking Cruiser. Best of luck with insurance.
  16. Ridgerunner78

    Help with Touchup Paint color

    Mine is also 1D2 Thudercloud Metallic ('04). Been needing to order touch up paint for a while. Just ordered a touch up brush, and a spray can from Automotove TouchUp. We'll see how it goes. Mine also had a full respray before I got it so I'm hoping they got the color right on that, but it...
  17. Ridgerunner78

    Austin OEM parts? LC 100

    Check and see if your dealer has an online ordering option and compare prices. My local dealers online ordering shows those disks for $74.86, with an MSRP of $103.76. On multiple occations I've been quoted 1.5x-2x the online price by the guy behind the counter, or over the phone. Now I just...
  18. Ridgerunner78

    Purchasing First Land Cruiser - 100 Series Undercarriage Rust

    Doesn't look too bad to me. Slightly more than my '04 has, which has been in CO all it's life. If you were going to do a full resto on the frame and axles, that's probably right, but I'd just drive it and sand/paint things as I worked on it.
  19. Ridgerunner78

    Windshield 2: rusty boogaloo

    Yikes, these threads make me nervous about the condition of mine. I know my windshield has been replaced by one of the POs as the side trim was installed with screws. Luckily they were courteous enough to use the original holes. I cleaned it up, POR'd the exposed areas and reinstalled the trim...
  20. Ridgerunner78

    Aaron's 1991 land cruiser 270k

    Looks like a cheap "HID" conversion. I recently picked up a highlander for my wife and the PO had installed something similar, same connections and 4 wires running through a rubber grommet. Are there ballasts mounted somewhere near? The original light connector should be plugged into that...
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