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    For Sale FJ45 Pickup Beds - Done and Done

    do you have any of these beds available if so i am interested
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    For Sale (AL) 1975 FJ45 LPB

    Hi im interested in your bed can you accept paypal? if you can pleas respond to hbrown022 or text 951-757-9290 regards,hugh
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    40 series misc metal fabrication

    Kevin, My name Is Hugh, I ordered a tailgate from you. Im needing to replace the floor in my bed, I was wondering if you coul direct as to how to obtain the material?
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    Early H fan clutch retrofit

    I appreciate you looking .... Im here in Southern California , New to this site . Im trying to add power steering. I looked at the pulley and there are no bolts for an accessory pulley. I cant access h series parts on dealer daily due to the fact that they were never sold here . Mine would be...
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    For Sale H diesel 12v alternator

    PM me with paypal instructions .......does your H have a fan clutch or double row crank pulley by chance or ps pump
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    Early H fan clutch retrofit

    The h and 2h are few and far between here in the US , I just dont know of a 2h that I could try . Im hoping that someone out there will have an answer for me im not even sure if the h had a fan clutch as an option.
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    For Sale H diesel 12v alternator

    Does this come with the vacume pump and how much S/H?
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    Early H fan clutch retrofit

    I have an early h motor that I desperately need a double row crank pulley for .....Any ideas also would like to do a fan clutch conversion on this engine any help I would be thankful
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    For Sale FJ60 disc brake setup for fj40 (large pattern knuckles and big piston calipers)

    Interested if the other 2 dont work out
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    For Sale BJ40 Gauge Cluster

    Put me in line if the others fall through
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    For Sale 3.7 third members

    jeng, post: 9110183, member: 65808"]I have two 3.7 third members that I swapped out on my 40 for 4.10 now that I have a NV4500. They ran great for me. The flange will fit early and late driveshafts. $75 plus shipping But wait there is more, if you buy two the price is $150 plus shipping...
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    For Sale New H Diesel water pump

    Sounds good whats the total and how do you pm someone on this forum? Also what power plant did you convert to?
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    For Sale New H Diesel water pump

    If you still have this im interested
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    For Sale (MD) Rebuilt Stock FJ40 Power Steering Setup

    Is this available
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    Broke down in Pendleton, OR

    This always works ...unscrew the phillips screws that hold the 2 halves together take care of the sealing square gasket for the halves . Clean as much of the old oil out, Replace it with F.I.P.G.......Form in place gasket (Silicoln). It has enough consistency to drive the fan , will not...
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    For Sale (AL) 69' FJ45 frame

    Cam you email me more pictures
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    shackles and misc. chub.

    Matt is there any chance you have the bump stops for the 45
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    I can make LPB box sides

    "Awl_TEQ, post: 9246885, member: 37310"]Sorry for the slow reply here guys. The tailgates are $500 each plus shipping which varies but last time was about $75. I have been working on this batch for a few weeks here already and should have them done soon. I had all of the confirmed buyers put...
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    For Sale [SoCal] FJ40 Front Doors

    Im located in So Cal and am interested (Riverside)
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    For Sale [SoCal] FJ40 Front Doors

    Wnere are you located?
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