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  1. Chad717

    Jack and spare tire help

    So my truck didn’t have any of the jack tools when I bought it so I am trying to accumulate then. I found a jack on eBay, but I have a quick question. Which of the tools I have circled in the picture are used to lower the spare tire? Looking from the back of my truck I see a slot above the...
  2. Chad717

    2f Idle help

    when I was struggling to get my truck through emissions this fall I set my idle a little high, around 950 rpm, and I hadn't really gotten a chance to set it back down to 650, so I went in and started the lean drop method again after checking the timing. I am using the tach on my timing light...
  3. Chad717

    Aisin Locking Hubs question.

    Quick question. I am rebuilding my front locking hubs, because they wouldn't turn. What kind of MP grease do you guys use inside them? I have Mobil 1 synthetic grease, but watching PowerModz YouTube video on the rebuild he says something about not using grease, it is to thick or something and...
  4. Chad717

    Not another emissions thread! Ugh.

    So I hate to do it but I thought I would throw it up here because the Mud knowledge base is so deep. I have read almost every emissions thread I can find, and I am determined to get this figured out. I'll give as much detail as I can. First of all the emissions readouts: HC: Pass NOx: Pass CO...
  5. Chad717

    Noisy throwout bearing

    So, I finally got my rebuilt engine up and running, ( I need to update the thread for sure) I am super pumped. Rebuilt 2f, rebuilt transfer case, and a brand new H55 five speed. I'll get into more detail about that in the rebuild thread. Back to the throwout bearing. I ordered a clutch kit...
  6. Chad717

    Talk to me about bearing preload (transfer case)

    I am still a little confused about setting the bearing preload. Once the rear output shaft rear bearing retainer is on, I need to make sure the transfer case is in neutral, and then I take a beam type torque wrench, (any suggestion on a type to get) and put it on the companion flange lock nut...
  7. Chad717

    Quick H55f swap question

    I am planning to swap my 4 speed for a 5 speed and this is kind of a stupid question, but all the threads I read talk about fj60's after 4/85 being a direct swap. Mine was built in 4/85 so I assume this would include mine, or is it everything after that starting in 5/85? This is the part...
  8. Chad717

    1985 2f engine pull and replacement thread

    So after my bad cylinder discovery, see: Bad compression on number 6 I need to pull my engine and either rebuild it or have it rebuilt. I'll try and update this thread with the process, but I'm sure I'll have more questions than answers. I'm going to try and go this week to pick up a cherry...
  9. Chad717

    Bad compression on number 6

    Ok so here I go. I set the timing today, then did another lean drop on the carb. Once I did that I then went back and advanced the timing to about 10 degrees since I am at 6500 feet elevation. I tested the HAC and it was working great, cleaned it out a bit and put on some new vacuum hoses...
  10. Chad717

    Check valve part number

    Is this check valve still available? I can't find a part number on a parts diagram. Mine is bad.
  11. Chad717

    Just rebuilt carb, gas leak help

    So after doing my first Carb rebuild and replacing some vacuum hoses and valves, I finally took the truck out for a long drive today to see if I solved the stumbling issue. The truck ran well, way better than before, and there might have been a tiny bit of part throttle stumbling while in 3rd...
  12. Chad717

    changing jets while carb is still installed

    Any way to change the jets while the carb is still on the vehicle? I can understand getting them out, but not re-installing them. PO put on smaller jets and I want to go back to stock. Thanks!
  13. Chad717

    Rebuilding Carb Question, stuck accelerator pump

    Trying my hand at rebuilding my first carb and my accelerator pump is seems like it is just supposed to fall out, but mine is in there pretty good. Any tips on getting it out? Thanks!
  14. Chad717

    Introduction and beginning of a (super slow) build thread

    Hi all, I have asked several questions, and read a ton on here, but I thought I would do a quick introduction/build thread . This forum has been invaluable in the short time I have been on here so I look forward to learning and maybe passing on as much as I can. I grabbed this clean but...
  15. Chad717

    Pretty good oil leak going on

    Well i was hoping that it was just a loose drain plug...but now i'm not so sure.. Oil was dripping off of the drain plug, but I think that it is a leaky oil pan gasket. The passenger side is wet and oily, while the drivers side of the oil pan gasket is dry....I figure this is a job I can do...
  16. Chad717

    Carb rebuild tips

    So I've decided to go ahead and rebuild my aisin carb, I have done several searches and I understand there are some options as far as sending it off to get rebuilt. However, I would like to try and rebuild it myself first :eek:. I ordered the kit from cruiser outfitters and I've got the FSMs...
  17. Chad717

    FJ60 stumbling and bucking at highway speeds

    Hi all! Finally picked up an FJ60 on Friday and I am super pumped. I have pics that I will share when I get back from work on Monday. Meanwhile, a question. I live in Colorado and the PO took the time to get it resmogged, but did not get it through emissions. In the process of doing this, the...
  18. Chad717

    FJ60 FSM no longer available from Toyota?

    I apologize if I missed an alternative to this already, but I'm picking up my first FJ60 this week (yay! 1985) and under the FJ60 FAQ section there was a phone number listed to get a factory service manual. I called this number and they told me that manuals prior to 1991 are no longer sold...
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