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  1. Troops

    For Sale Triple Locked 94 Land Cruiser - SoCal

    True if you're selling, not so much if you're looking to buy like some of us.
  2. Troops

    Wanted 95+ 80 near DC

    The price did seem too good to be true. Thanks and sorry didn’t mean to derail your thread.
  3. Troops

    Wanted 95+ 80 near DC

    Did he say anything to make you decide against pursuing it personally? Geography, weather and work travel restrictions complicate my search....
  4. Troops

    Wanted 95+ 80 near DC

    Has anyone seen this one in person? Looks great in the pics, though from what I’ve read it must actually be a 96 or 97.
  5. Troops

    For Sale [CO] 94 FZJ80 Locked Rebuilt Painted

    Using the one click SOLD button seems like the obvious solution to me. The add stays for reference and research but doesn't raise false hopes.
  6. Troops

    SOLD Long Island: 1997 Landcruiser

    Beautiful rig! Wouldn’t change a thing. Unfortunately not the best timing for me or it would have been gone already.
  7. Troops

    For Sale 1993 FJ80 with 183K, A/C no lockers $8,000

    Looks good. How much lift, 4”? Do you have any more interior and engine pics. Thanks
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