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    Any 40's for sale locally?

    You guys have anything? I'm looking to off some stuff....old tractors, rc cars, etc, so I will hopefully be in the market sometime this year. Keep your eyes open. Thanks! Dale
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    FJ40 Picture Thread

    Sorry for the noob question, but is there a "post a picture of your rig" thread for 40's? I thought there was, but I can't seem to find it. If not, let's start one. Post up your favorite scenic picture of your rig and let's keep it a picture thread. Thanks!
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    Not a Cruiser but Still Japanese

    Thought you guys might like to see my new ride. I sold the Rubicon outright and finally decided on this. 2009 double cab short bed. I almost got a 4 door Rubicon, but I don't regret getting the truck. I'm diggin' it so far!! Later, Dale
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    1976 FJ40 - Pittsburgh, PA $1500

    1976 FJ40 - Pittsburgh, PA REDUCED to $1200 1976 FJ40 for sale. I just bought this a little over a month ago and I decided to look for a better starting point. Tub isn't too bad, because it looks like the quarters and the wheel wells were replaced at some point. Needs a frame or someone who...
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    Zimm - Frame

    Poopy! Looks like they are different.
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    Wanted  Wanted - 1976 FJ40 Harmonic Balancer

    I just bought a 1976 FJ40. I need a Harmonic Balancer. I don't know anything about these things yet, so not sure what year harmonic balancer will fit. Looking for as cheap as possible, because I only want to get it running so I can move it in and out of the garage. Hopefully this is all I...
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    Bought a 1976 FJ40

    Hey guys. I bought this off of a friend of mine. We've been kicking it around for a couple years and I finally got to go up and see it. It's not road worthy and the frame is toast, but it has some good parts. The cowl forward and the interior is nice. The tub already has some repairs to the...
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    Wanted  Fj40 Frame Wanted - Sw Pa

    Looking for a frame that does not need any welding/repair. Just want to blast and paint. It's for a 1976. Let me know what you have! I'm willing to drive a few hours. Thanks
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    Just saying hi! Looking into getting an FJ, so I figured I'd sign up, so I can start gaining some knowledge. I love the picture threads! I'll post up some pics if/when I get one!
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