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  1. Crick60

    Locked out of 1st, 2nd, 5th & reverse

    Brothers of mud I'm in need of help. On the way to work this morning in my 89' HJ61 H55f I started getting some minor grinding in 4th that was not overly concerning but I did notice that the vertical part of the shift was a bit short. Not 10 minutes later after having everything shifting...
  2. Crick60

    In case you missed it....immac HJ47
  3. Crick60

    eBay  Like new HJ47 For Sale NSW eBay

    I'm not a regular in the 40 section so I'm not sure if this has been seen before but I'll run it any way: I didn't post it in classifieds or auctions because no one here would really shell out the $20k so it's more drool factor.
  4. Crick60

    60 to 80 altezza halo headlight conversion

    Don't get too excited I'm asking not showing..... Anyone been tempted?
  5. Crick60

    PingJing sound deadener

    Just a quick one: I just sound put down 2 layers of sound deadener around the gear stick and xcase selector and when I jumped in for the test drive.....instant 200 series sound conversion! For those playing at home I used the JingPing Butyl rubber damping sound deadener sheet + tiger extreme...
  6. Crick60

    Part # rear main seal & pilot bearing

    Can one of you parts gurus please help me out here, I don't have the parts software but using toyodiy I've found what I think may be correct but I could be completely wrong: 1989 HJ61 manual 5 Spd H55f Rear main seal: 90311-32013 Pilot bearing: 33151-60010 or 90363-15004 The descriptions are...
  7. Crick60

    Clutch help

    People of mud! I need help, today I encountered a funny clutch problem I've not encountered before on a 60. Driving home all of a sudden the clutch wouldn't engage, i.e: I attempted to change from 5th to 4th and it wouldn't go into 4th when I had my foot on the clutch pedal. This happened all...
  8. Crick60

    Commence Collectors Drool Protocol

    You don't get to see this real often, well maybe back in 1989 if you were lucky in a dealership. #1- 1989 GXL HJ61 (black bullbar) #2- 1988 GX HJ61 White Lightning #3- 1989 GXL HJ60 Yes mine, all mine.
  9. Crick60

    12ht injector costs

    Has anyone (pref. Aussies) done 12ht injectors recently, new nozzles on exchange or something? I'm trying to ballpark the cost, at the moment I'm between $550 and $850 or $1350 with full adjusts + dyno. I don't really want to fork out for the full service dyno job because I reckon he's ripping...
  10. Crick60

    I admit it I was wrong

    I'm always first to say it's never the relay and as usual when the lights on the new 60 didn't work I looked at everything but the relay.....turns out it was the relay. Lucky I had my trusty crusher on standby ready to lend a part or two. Here it is on record for everyone to see....I was...
  11. Crick60

    Worn ignition tumbler

    Has anyone actually changed out their ignition tumbler with a new one and matched the codes? I've found a few topics here but not one that someone has posted the process. My key slips out in any position, I'm getting the new key matched from Toyota shortly but rego inspection is fast...
  12. Crick60

    Sahara roof console

    Anyone looking for a sahara roof console?
  13. Crick60

    For Sale  White lightning HJ61 for sale in VIC (gumtree)

    It's been a bit bastardised and has high side kms but still a lightning at a decent price. 1989 Toyota LandCruiser Wagon on Gumtree
  14. Crick60

    AM Late model mirrors with built in LEDs

    Just saw these while trawling fleabay.
  15. Crick60

    Aussie bloke selling off his 60 gear

    Anyone looking for some serious 60's gear this bloke from eBay sent me the following in an email after I was asking about some 60's sales paraphernalia: "Currently selling all my 60 series spring over axel gear-lockers,etc and ranchos and V8 with adapter to 5 spd reco box.New clutch and...
  16. Crick60

    Aussie bloke selling his 60 gear

    Posted in the wrong area, any mods please delete.
  17. Crick60

    PIAA rectangle driving lights

    Thought I'd post this here also because.....60, and this is the only part of the forum I really visit and these lights were a genuine light for an Australian model: People of mud, I'm looking for some rectangle PIAA driving lights. They must be PIAA and measure around 7" x 3" (roughly) they...
  18. Crick60

    PIAA rectangle driving lights

    People of mud, I'm looking for some rectangle PIAA driving lights. They must be PIAA and measure around 7" x 3" (roughly) they also must have the white covers. They were genuine to a 60 series model and I want to maintain the authenticity. The closest I have found so far is the 560 Or...
  19. Crick60

    Two options: stock or modded

    This bloke knows. Sorry for the no 60 content but I'm sure there with be few complaints. I just stumbled upon this while looking for RC stuff, needless to say I don't want any RC anymore and also I'm sure many of you have seen this before so for you WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!!
  20. Crick60

    Aussie - this dealer is having a lend

    Good story mate!
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