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  1. donny paradise

    craigslist  '82 on craigslist

    No affiliation just passing this on ---> looks to good to be true :hhmm:
  2. donny paradise

    broke tip off turkey baster inside power steering pump!!!!!

    I broke off the tip of a cheap wally world turkey baster while changing my power steering fluid. I have tried a coat hanger, flexible claw grabber, and shop vac with no success. Anyone have any other ideas bedsides taking the pump off? Anyone want to speculate on what would happen if I fill the...
  3. donny paradise

    My new to me motor

    My engine on my '75 is getting week so a local guy has a rebuilt (by a local machine shop) motor sitting in his garage for sale I am thinking of buying. I started to disassemble the engine to reseal the thing because it's been sitting for several years and to my surprise :eek: there is some sort...
  4. donny paradise

    Any Edge users here??

    I have a 2005 F150 4X2 with the small V8 in it, and it wont even get out of its own way on the highway. I was just wondering if the Edge was worth buying, if it makes that much of a difference. I'm not looking for my truck to be a nascar, but im not a big fan of getting run over when I pull out...
  5. donny paradise

    Windshield Wipers

    Anyone have a good solution on installing intermittent wipers on a 40? The dad-blamed misty weather conditions here is driving me nuts!:mad:
  6. donny paradise

    Ford  seat belt chime

    Hello all, I have a question on a '04 F150 seat belt warning chime. How the Hell can I disable it!:mad: this thing drives me nuts! The truck is used mostly around the farm and I'm constantly having to get in and out to open gates and s*** like that, no on road use. Is this a doable deal? thanks...
  7. donny paradise

    5th gear

    Hi All!! I have the chance to latch-on to a H55 @ a very reasonable price but it has a problem. The rascal seems to slide out of 5th (not often) but on occasion :frown: all other functions work correctly and smooth:) The seller will be removing the unit next week for a transplant new unit, so...
  8. donny paradise

    Hinomoto Tractor

    Howdy All! I have one problem on my Dads compact tractor I want to ask about. The monster is a Hinomoto E14D 4X4.:eek: The scenario is that a couple of time a year the hydraulic filter gets gummed up with some type of pasty gumbo s*** and looses all strength. It comes back around after a service...
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