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    Capped port?

    Can anyone educate me on where this capped port is supposed to connect? I have an 4/77 40 that still has all the emissions equipment installed. I’m replacing all my vacuum lines and in looking through my manual I realized this port had incorrectly been attached to my TP diaphragm. I’ve...
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    Hardtop Clamps

    Anyone had success (or failure) using truck canopy clamps on a 40 hardtop? Replace the bolts and save a little time on removal/install? any specific ones that are recommended?
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    Part identification?

    Found this laying on top the manifold up towards the fire wall. Metering rod?
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    77 2f carb adjustments

    I’ve read the faq’s and searched but am not finding a carb that looks like my “stock” carb. I’m just the 2nd owner and as far as I can tell the original owner only did oil changes and an occasional brake job. has anyone seen the idle adjustment screw placed horizontal? It makes it so I can’t...
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    Rear wheel well liner

    Is anyone aware of someone selling a modernish liner for the rear wells of a 40? A way to block the spray of crap onto the body panels and into the seams which inevitably leads to our rust issues. if not on the market has anyone fabricated something that you’d be willing to share a pic of?
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    Coolant return?

    July 1977 FJ40. Second owner. Just received my 40 and I’m confused. My coolant reservoir has a cap that has the port to receive a return line or expansion line but there’s nothing hooked up to it. Am I missing the line or do I have the wrong cap and this is a closed system? Thanks!
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    Identification help

    Could anyone help me interpret this tag? What info can you get off it?
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    1980 40 options?

    Was it possible to get a 1980 FJ40 without ambulance doors?
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    Removing Rhino Liner in Denver

    I bought a 1970 FJ40 body/frame that is in great shape but the PO rhino lined the entire body. I'd like to leave the coating on the underside/frame/bed but remove the liner from the "outside" so as to paint. Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove the liner myself? If not, any good recs...
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    Tub Compatability???

    Can I take a tub/fenders off a 70' FJ40 and put them on my 77' FJ40? Thanks in advance.
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