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  1. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  1985 Ext Cab Mini-truck

    1985 Ext cab mini truck built to wheel. This rig is in perfect mechanical condition, the body is still nice. I have 3 rigs and I need to thin the herd, this will be a great deal for someone. 22RE that was professionally rebuilt 1,000 miles ago, total new bottom end, large port performance...
  2. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  1.5F Engine parts in Denver

    I pulled the original 1.5F motor from my 1974 FJ40 and replaced it with a new 2F. A friend had a cracked block and got the 1.5F block from me but I still have the cylinder head, 2F valve cover, rocker arm assembly, headbolts, pushrods, cam (not worn down), lifters, cam/crank timing gear set...
  3. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Marlin Crawler Tranny Rebuild Certificate

    SOLD to Woytovich! Thanks!
  4. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Off Road Trailer in Denver

    This is a 1996 trailer fabricated & titled by Offroad Outfitters. It was lightly used for 3 years and has been stored in a storage unit since then. It is very sturdily built using heavy gauge steel throughout, yet it is balanced well enough for 1 person to easily move it around. It has a...
  5. MtnTrucker

    22re temp sender question

    I have a 1985 x-cab truck with the 22re. I noticed when you start it cold in the morning the temp gauge shows cold like it should, but about 30 seconds after starting it jumps up to about mid-range and stays there. Obviously that is too short of a time for it to really be getting warm. Once...
  6. MtnTrucker

    Last Chance DEN 2 LA 2 DEN 2/13 - 2/19

    I'm heading out this Saturday the 13th to the Riverside/LA area in a 3/4T pickup transporting a diesel engine. I have room for stuff going out or coming back but need to know soon. Departing for return to Denver on Friday the 19th.
  7. MtnTrucker

    Wanted  Rear locker for FJ40

    I'm looking for a rear locker to fit a late model FJ40. I prefer a lockrite/aussie style locker to keep the price down but will consider other styles for the right price. I need something inexpensive. Thanks
  8. MtnTrucker

    Space available Denver to Orange Co, CA

    I may be doing a round trip from Denver to the Riverside/Orange County area in the next 30 days. I may return from OC direct to Denver or I may route up the coast to Portland, OR and then back to Denver via Salt Lake City. If I do the trip I'll be hauling a diesel engine & tranny in my Dodge...
  9. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  MB 3.0L turbo diesel engine & auto trans

    I posted this up in the diesel section but thought I would put it here too. I have a 1985 Mercedes 3.0L 5 cylinder turbo diesel with automatic transmission for sale. It is currently sitting in the engine bay of an FJ60 but has not been hooked up and started in this vehicle. The PO of the...
  10. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  1985 MB 3.0L 5 cyl turbo diesel engine & tranny

    I have a 1985 Mercedes 3.0L 5 cylinder turbo diesel with automatic transmission for sale. It is currently sitting in the engine bay of an FJ60 but has not been hooked up and started in this vehicle. The PO of the FJ60 bought the 300D car the motor was in and used it as a daily driver. He...
  11. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Winch mount

    My truck came with a Quick Mount winch mount. This unit allows you to carry the winch and use it in a trailer receiver hitch on either the front or back of your truck. I am going to permanently mount my winch in the front bumper so I don't need this. It also has the HD quick connect DC power...
  12. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  TOY 8" diffs - 5.29 gears w/ARB & Detroit

    Price Reduced! I have 2 diffs coming out of my 1985 mini truck: Front =4 cyl housing with 5.29 gears & new style ARB locker incl small ARB air compressor $825 OBO Rear=4 cyl housing with 5.29 gears and Detroit Locker $550 OBO. These are 2 years old and still in the truck so you can...
  13. MtnTrucker

    Urgent Tire Question-Need your input

    I have a 1974 FJ40 that is SOA with the wheel base extended 7". I have extra large wheel well cut outs in the rear. I am currently running 37x12.50-17 BFG KM2's. My question: I want to go to 39's for more rock clearance and to get a much more aggressive tread. I REALLY like the Pit Bull...
  14. MtnTrucker

    Wanted  38.5 or 39 x 16 or 17 tire for spare-Denver

    I sold my 37's and am buying 39" Pit Bulls. Rather than drop a lot of coin on a new 5th tire I'm wondering if anyone has a 38.5 or 39 tire suitable for use as a spare they would be willing to part with? I have a 16" wheel and a 17" wheel so either size would work. Let me know. Thanks-Randy
  15. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  FJ40 Barn door tailgate - Denver

    I have the barn door style tailgate off of my 1974 FJ40, they seem to be in reasonably good shape. $75 plus shipping?
  16. MtnTrucker


    I am leaving Denver on Thursday Sept 3rd and driving to Salt Lake City where I will spend the night then drive to Portland on Friday the 4th. I am heading from there down to Riverside, CA on Monday the 7th and over to San Diego the evening of the 9th. I am heading back to Denver from San Diego...
  17. MtnTrucker

    Anyone going from Colorado to Florida?

    I might have 5 37x12.50x17 tires that need to go.
  18. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  FJ40 Full Quarter Panels Smooth Alum-Denver

    I decided to go with the diamond plate style so I have these used aluminum smooth style panels available. Both are in very good shape. $70 plus shipping.
  19. MtnTrucker

    Dual shock mounts?

    Does anyone sell a kit for installing dual shocks on the front of an FJ40? I've looked and haven't found anything. Looking at the stock front mounts, it almost looks like you could mount dual shocks if you removed the stud top and bottom and replaced it with a long bolt and some 1/4 spacers...
  20. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Price Reduced FJ40 long range tank-Denver

    PRICE REDUCED. I AM ASKING $500 AND THAT INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE LOWER 48. $450 IF SHIPPING NOT REQUIRED. I bought a new Downey 22 gallon long range fuel tank with digital sending unit and aluminum skid plate for my FJ40 in April of this year. It was super easy to install and has worked...
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