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    2006 Landquoia. Will this be the perfect fit?

    There is no hiding my constant changing and evolution of vehicles...From a 07 FJC, 04 Tundra, 07 Tundra + 4wc, 2000 100 series with over 400k and still going to a mud member. To my now sequoia. After a mix of everything, I think I finally have the idea in my head of what will HOPEFULLY be...
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    Not for sale. Please delete.

    keeping it
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    Wanted 100 series front 4.30 Ring & Pinion or pumpkin

    Looking for a ring and pinion for my 2000 Land cruiser. Wanting to stick with the factory ratio of 4.30. If price is right, ill buy a 3rd member. Otherwise looking for the Ring & pinion. Located in NW Indiana.
  5. dingoboyexplore

    07 Alaskan Tan DC 5.7

    Been searching for a gen2 for a little while now. Ended up finding this AWESOME score locally. Guy was from Alaska and used it to move him and his dad to Washington. Guess his old man didnt like it and they moved to Wisconsin, where he met his finance. He decided to stay there and sell the...
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    Does the alternator mount to the block?

    Long story short, had to change out my alternator. When going to put it back together I noticed this...The bottom mount broke. Is this part of the block? How would one go about fixing this. Been trying to brainstorm all day. But considering Im not the most mechanically inclined, but learning. I...
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    Unofficial Toyota High Mileage Badges.

    *3-30-19 Good news. Finally decided to watch youtube and stray off into australian 4x4 videos. I got a rough website up and going where you can now place your orders. So excited to hopefully see a rig out in public one day with a badge and be able to spark up a conversation about all the places...
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    Trade CVT MT Thielsen TRADE 4 winch bumper

    Well, smacked a tree and got to do some replacement on the truck. One of the things I want to do is just upgrade the bumper, but doing so in the cheapest way...I have a VERY lightly used CVT Mt Thielson RTT, SUPER east to set up and comfortable. Sleeps 2-3 people. Easily setup and taken down by...
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    Wanted 100 Series Passenger Turn signal, headlight, fender...

    Looking to buy a passenger front fender, the brackets behind it, passenger turn signal, & headlight, also interested in factory skid plates or aftermarket ones. Prices shipped to 43675 or picked up within the Chicagoland?
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    400k+ LC. Lets mod it.

    Wait....Did this guy just say 400k cruiser? & new to him? Idiot.... I love this damn thing!!! I always wanted a cruiser and was looking for after not being insanely happy with my 3rd gen pajero. I found this cruiser at a lexus dealer and went to take a look. It was clean as could be for the...
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