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  1. Ken White

    Aussie HJ47

    Well the HJ45 has gone to a new home now and I have picked up this for my new project. Its a 84 HJ74 with power steer, 5 speed and disc brakes. Needs a full dismantle and rebuild but I will get to that eventually. At the moment I am just collecting a few thing to put on before I strip her...
  2. Ken White

    Aussie HJ45

    Looks like I have a new project. Just picked up this 1979 HJ45 with original 75000klms on her. She is completely rust free and still has the original H engine fitted. Not really sure on the plans for her at this point in time. Part of me says to trick her up with a 12HT, power steer, 5...
  3. Ken White

    Selling Overseas

    Moderators please move or delete if not allowed. I am selling my Australian BJ42 LX and have placed an ad in the classified section of the forum. I was just wondering what other sites in the USA are reputable for me to advertise on. I have looked on the net and there are so many and a lot...
  4. Ken White

    For Sale  BJ42 LX

    Up for sale is Ruby my 1984 BJ42 LX. Most of you will have followed the rebuild on her over the last 12mths and know what has been done so I don’t think there is much point putting up a million pics however I have added a link for those who have not seen this build. I will be throwing in all the...
  5. Ken White

    Wiper Wiring Aust BJ42 LX

    Quick question regarding wiring on an Australian BJ42. Since putting Ruby back together and connecting up the wipers they appear to be working in reverse. When I turn the wipers off and they go back to the park position no dramas. However when I turn them back on again they want to travel...
  6. Ken White

    Body Mount Kits

    Has anyone used the CCOT Polyurethane body mount kits for their 40. Just ordered a set for the BJ42 and was chasin some feedback from those who have used it. TIA. Ken
  7. Ken White

    Dual Batteries

    Has anyone managed to fit dual batteries under the bonnet/hood (for you yanks) of a SWB. If you could post pics of the set up that would be great.
  8. Ken White

    BJ42 LX (Ruby) Rebuild

    Well time to start a file to share for my BJ42 LX rebuild. I have started to pull a few of the panels off already and preparing them for painting. Roof has come off and has been sanded down. Just ordered a new headliner, rain gutter and windshield cap from CCOT so that the roof can be completed.
  9. Ken White

    Toyota PTO

    Can anyone tell me if this is a factory front/rear output PTO. I know that it is definitely Toyota as it is stamped. I have been doing a bit of reading and from what I can tell the front and rear output PTO's are not that common.
  10. Ken White

    Out with the old in with the new??

    Came home from two weeks out bush and found this sitting in my yard. Removed the old Farm Gate and did a trial fit today. Planning on sanding it back and having it re powder coated when I do the rebuild on the LX.
  11. Ken White


    Started work on the first template for a drivers side snorkel today. Came up pretty good. Just got to find someone who can now replicate it out of plastic to look like the original one on the passenger side.
  12. Ken White

    New Seats

    Almost ready to secure the new seats into the BJ42. Not much work in installing them and soooooooooo comfy.
  13. Ken White

    Spare Wheel Carrier

    Been doing a bit of thinking and had a spare wheel carrier lying around home. So I made a few cuts and got someone with a bit more expertise to do the welding for me and now have twin swing away wheel carriers on the BJ42. Why Toyota didnt do this from factory is beyond me. Just got to track...
  14. Ken White

    Bonnet Support Locator

    Can anyone tell me where the bonnet support goes when the bonnet is up. I can not find anywhere on Jade (1971 FJ40) to locate the support. Pics would be great. Also while I am on the subject of not being able to find things can anyone get me pics of early model FJ40 radiator supports and where...
  15. Ken White


    This may be a silly question and probably in the wrong area to post but has anyone here used CCOT to purchase parts from as I have a couple of questions. 1. Why wont they accept overseas credit card purchases for products. I got an email back saying that they require a wire transfer into their...
  16. Ken White

    Bonnet Emblem

    Can anyone tell me the distance between the studs that go through the bonnet of a 25. I am rebuilding my 71 FJ40 and it would appear that there are two holes in the front of the bonnet which I believe an emblem would sit. No I know the the 40 did not come out with these emblems however might...
  17. Ken White

    Jades Sister

    About 12 months ago I got word that there was another 71 model sitting up in the hills about an hour from here so we went for a hike up there and located this old girl. After a lot of thinking a decision has been made to try and get this old girl out of the hills. Have my young fella, a mate...
  18. Ken White

    Admin Help

    Admin, I have been trying to upload some pics into my thread however everytime I try and upload them I get an error message saying "There was a problem uploading your file" The files are of an appropriate size. Please help. Ken
  19. Ken White

    Steering Column Setup

    What is the go with the steering column on my 71 model. I have the collar which slides over the steering column which appears to have the cut out for the indicator leaver in it. There are two bolt holes in there one which is threaded but it doesnt seem to bolt up to anything. This collar also...
  20. Ken White

    Aisan Carby

    This could be quite long so please follow. I am looking at fitting the carby onto Jade but have run into a few issues. The carby is a Aisan carby with I believe is the original carby for this vehicle however it does not sit on the intake manifold properly. There is a hole a the back of the...
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