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  1. graham5david

    Leaking windshield?

    My wife's 2016 seems to have a leaking windshield. In a rainstorm we noticed water dripping down the passenger side pillar and accumulating on the floor. We purchased it used so I think maybe the windshield was replaced. Does the factory windshield say Toyota on it anywhere
  2. graham5david

    Head gasket leaking, decision time.

    So, I have confirmed that I have a coolant leak coming from the back of the head on my 94. So now I need to decide if I want to rebuild or sell the truck as is. Honestly I am leaning towards selling as is and trying to recoup my money spent on bumpers and tires. So I am thinking maybe $3500 is...
  3. graham5david

    Joined the club.

    Actually my wife did. But I have my 80 series.
  4. graham5david

    Head gasket finally died

    Rrolacedmy distributor o ring today and after buttoning everything I was getting ready to take it for a cruise and found coolant in the driveway. Traced it to the headgasket next to the egr delete. Praying something else was the culprit I checked every hose I could see in that area. At this...
  5. graham5david

    Need help on tire size

    Looking to go with bigger tires on the fj. I have a 13 tte with 16 inch rims. There is plenty of options in 285/75/r16 but few in 295/75r16. I have a 3 inch toytec lift and am not opposed to going bigger and preforming the frame chop but the 16 inch rims are really limiting my options . can some...
  6. graham5david

    How to measure lift.

    When I purchased my 80 series it already had a lift on it. OME competition coils. How would i go about determining the amount of lift? I'm sure I can measure from point A to point B and subtract the factory measurements but I don't have the factory measurements and where should I measured?
  7. graham5david

    O2 sensors

    Getting ready to do the PAIR removal on my 94. What brand O2 sensors do you recommend. Bosh, ngk, Toyota?
  8. graham5david

    Fusible link question

    This week in Big Bend I noticed that the grey wire on my fusible link that goes to the positive terminal in the battery was split. However the vehicle ran perfectly with no issues. I am heading to red River nm this weekend but now I am hesitant about taking the 80 until I replace it. It is...
  9. graham5david

    Good aftermarket radio

    My factory radio is starting to make a whining noise on and off. Sounds like an electric motor going out .I love the factory look but am torn between finding a replacement or going aftermarket. Any advice? Pics etc....
  10. graham5david

    Radiator replacement

    Going to be replacing the radiator, water pump, thermostat, all belts, fan clutch (with 20k fluid) have a black and a blue hub, next weekend. I've already replaced all of the coolant hoses is there anything else I should do while I'm in the area? Also would you run the black or blue hub clutch...
  11. graham5david

    Unanswered question

    Every time I travel down Interstate 10 or 20 I see tons of older eatly 90s to late 89s toyota trucks towing similar trucks .I have seen it for years. Does anyone know why?
  12. graham5david

    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 Odessa Texas, $9500

    1994 fzj80 with 226000 miles. Runs and drives great. AC works great. 4x4 labs front and rear bumpers. Spartan locker in the rear. Center diff lock mod. Cats deleted. EGR bypassed. Rear heater bypass as well. New pioneer door speakers all the way around. New pioneer deck .Rockford Fosgate 10 inch...
  13. graham5david

    Dash/windshield squeak

    Have a strange rattling/squeaking sound coming from my dash/windshield area. Can't pin point it .It starts about 20mph and get worse up to 65. Stops at 70. Has anyone experienced this issue. Seems to be wind related .
  14. graham5david

    Stranded need help.

    Stuck on a dirt road. I was driving and my horn started going off. Cruiser died and now it won't start .Horn either honks continuously or honks twice when I open the door. It acts like the alarm .Any ideas would help .
  15. graham5david

    94 with hanging gear shift

    My 94 gearshift started acting up today. The thumb button won't depress completely which is making it difficult to shift out of park . Has anyone else experienced this before?
  16. graham5david

    Replacement radiator

    Has anyone used the aluminum CSF radiator. My 94 still has original with 225000 miles. Temps climb some on steep inclines. Thinking I need to either replace it, pull it and run it to the radiator shop to clean it, and replace fan clutch. Leaning towards replacing with CSF radiator and new blue...
  17. graham5david

    Lift questions

    I've narrowed down my choice of lift between toytec 3 inch and OME 3 inch. Can anyone persuade me to one over the other.
  18. graham5david

    4 runner rims

    Anybody running these rims on an 80. Can get some for cheap but not sure how they will look
  19. graham5david

    Tuffy console

    Installed a tuffy console tonight. Pretty lame for first mod but very functional. Should have a chance to install the factory tow hitch tomorrow. Not a fan of the curt. I want the extra ground clearance and the factory hitch looks best in my opinion.
  20. graham5david

    Best tow hitch

    Just purchased a 2013 trail teams that has an aftermarket tow package. Not a fan of how it hangs under the bumper and sticks out a few inches past it. My old 07 had the stack Toyota hitch which was tucked nicely below the bumper. I want to go back with that but the kits I find for the stock kit...
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