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  1. mjeckell

    SOLD  Tepui Hybox RTT / Bowfin Cruiser Roof Rack 80 Series - Atascadero, CA

    Here is a ink to my craigslist post Any questions give me a call 805-704-3473 Matt
  2. mjeckell

    Power Antenna Help

    I have installed a aftermarket double din head unit and it is working great. I am connected to the grey plugins with the metra adapter. Today I installed a new power antenna, not OEM and it functions up and down when unit starts and power is turned off. I am not able to control with the up...
  3. mjeckell

    Window moulding and weatherstripping

    I am looking to replace all four windows weatherstripping and moulding. It is getting really bad. The weatherstripping is to the point where you can't see it anymore and the moulding is pulling up from the chrome underneath. Can someone provide me with the parts list to all four windows. My...
  4. mjeckell

    Help running wire

    I just bought a Kicker hideaway subwoofer with built in amp and it will be mounted under the driver seat. Does anyone have experience running the wires to the head unit? I would like to see if someone can give me some info on what worked for them. I also need to run a positive wire to the...
  5. mjeckell

    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    Let’s see them. I know some of you are running this setup.
  6. mjeckell

    17x9 steelies

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a 17 x 9 steel wheel like the steel ones that Toyota makes. I want to run 37’s but can’t due to the stock width.
  7. mjeckell

    Ticking sound

    So while driving at about anything above 50 a ticking sound appears like it’s coming from the front of the cruiser. It’s not the u joints because I have removed each driveshaft and then tested and it’s still there. The tick speeds up the faster I go. Any ideas or similar experience? I have a...
  8. mjeckell

    Testing the flex. Let’s see them!!!!

    Here is mine. Icon 2.5” slinky shocks and 3” tapered Dobinsons. All coils still touching both ends. Left rear about to leave ground. Front height 29 1/4”.
  9. mjeckell

    Rear driveline angle

    So I just had the gears upgraded to 5.29 and now that I am spinning at a higher rpm at freeway speeds at 65 I am beginning to hear and feel a driveline vibration. Anything slower nothing to report. J springs front and rear with 2” metal tech spacer in front with double cardan. Rear has 30mm...
  10. mjeckell

    Yellow Box V5 Plug and Play Install With Pics

    I thought that I would share with all you on how I routed my plug and play yellow box speedometer correction. I removed the center console by removing the three bolts and two screws at the gear selector console towards the back. This allowed the entire console to be free. I then drilled two...
  11. mjeckell

    Yellow box speedometer correction

    I have purchased a yellow box and the plug and play adapter. Does anyone have experience or write up on how you mounted it on your 80? I could only find one write up. I am assuming that there are quite a few of you that may have one of these installed. Did you feed it inside of the cab and if...
  12. mjeckell

    Who’s running 315 with 5.29 gears

    I would like some input and reviews with this combination. Happy? Regretting decision and should have went 4.88. 37” may be my future. Not sure though. I don’t speed around town. I drive 65 on highway but not for long distance unless I’m heading to the Sierras. Let’s hear your thoughts. Also...
  13. mjeckell

    Show me your OBA quick connect locations

    I am having some difficulty picking some good locations for my quick connect locations throughout the car. Please post pics of your locations. I have 4x4 labs bumper, Hanna sliders, and slee short bus up front for armor. I am considering 1 up front and two more on left and right side of vehicle.
  14. mjeckell

    Spark plug tubes

    well today I pulled my plugs to check the spark plugs and this is what I found. The last 3 cylinders closest to the firewall had the most oil. This pic is from the last cyclinder. Is this caused by the valve stem seals?
  15. mjeckell

    Steering wheel makeover

    just giving some of you some an option rather than redoing the leather route of the steering wheel. I used plastidip. You can find it at any hardware store. I have had it on for approximately two years and it's worked great. I am doing a recoat as I write this. Pics to follow
  16. mjeckell

    OEM hand throttle

    can anyone explain to me how the hand throttle locks out by turning the knob
  17. mjeckell

    4x4 labs rear tire carrier mod

    So I love my rear bumper set up made by Luke at 4x4 labs. I was getting a shake with the tire carrier left and right that was bothering me as I watched the tire in the rear view mirror. This was only at highway speed and at random times. I solved the issue with my high lift jack and was able to...
  18. mjeckell

    For Sale  Spidertrax 1.5" Spacers

    These 2 pairs were purchased in November 2016 and had them on my 80 series landcruiser for a month. They are in perfect shape. I decided not to run them. I live in California on central coast. Zip code is 93422. $150 plus shipping.
  19. mjeckell

    L shocks limiting travel?

    My question is if the L shocks made by OME are limiting the travel of my J lift. The reason I ask is I'm considering buying fox shocks from down south motorsports and if I go larger will I get more travel. If anyone has researched this any information Will be helpful. I have j lift all around...
  20. mjeckell

    For Sale  Fj80 slee front spacers and front bumpstops

    Up for sale if anyone interested. Practically brand new. Used for approximately 3-4 months. Excellent shape. No longer need. Contact Matt at 805-704-3473
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