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  1. lockd80

    What Lexus/Toyota Seats With Armrests Have Been Installed In An 80?

    I measured the seats in the wife’s GX and it looks like they will fit. I would also like to know if they would work.
  2. lockd80

    Front suspension spacers/levelling kit, do they work with the GX470?

    I i would just like to take this opportunity to thank DRANGED and the rest of the mudd community. This is by far the best online automotive community I have found. Using the information and advice from this thread i was able to install this same leveling kit in just a couple hours with the help...
  3. lockd80

    Front suspension spacers/levelling kit, do they work with the GX470?

    Thanks for the feed back. Just to clarify did your installer need to modify the bracket for the shock dampening control module? Planning on doing this job soon and wanted to estimate the time needed.
  4. lockd80

    Front suspension spacers/levelling kit, do they work with the GX470?

    Same ones i bought for $10 more off Amazon:( Got them in two days tho
  5. lockd80

    Front suspension spacers/levelling kit, do they work with the GX470?

    Sorry about resurrecting an old thread but I was wondering if the 3/4 puck effected your ride quality?
  6. lockd80

    Any updated double din installs lx450/fj80

    I ran my e brake wire to a toggle switch so i could have full functionality at will. Has anyone come up with a fix for the poor performance of the pioneer display in sunlight? Mine is unreadable with sunglasses on a bright day. Have others had better results with different head units?
  7. lockd80

    Erractic Heater Temp Control Fix

    I am having a weird problem with the 20 year old heater control in my 80 so i hop on mud and do a simple search. BAM there is a five year old thread describing my exact problem with a detailed explanation of how to fix it including pictures! Mud is by far the best automotive enthusiast site...
  8. lockd80

    rear defroster broke can't see !!!

    I installed the fan but I have not wired it up yet...... I just drilled a hole the size of the rear seat belt mounting bolt thru the supplied fan base. I have been testing this for a month or so and it seems to be ok. I did not want to wire it up and have have the thing brake off right away...
  9. lockd80

    A/C mixer valve?

    The other day I flipped a quick uturn and my A/C stopped blowing cold. I pushed all the buttons and jacked the temperature control a couple times and it started blowing cold again. Ever since then the air sometimes stops blowing cold and some times is ok. This winter I installed a new radio and...
  10. lockd80

    Lets see those painted wheels

    I made my own stencils just using high quality tape. Cut out the letters with an exacto knife and apply them to the wheel, tape off the border and paint. A trick I learned to keep the paint from seeping under the tape was to apply a light coat of your base color to the graphic first ( in my case...
  11. lockd80

    Lets see those painted wheels

    Bed liner, bumper black and graphics ripped off from box rocket
  12. lockd80

    2005 GX470 vs 2004 100-Series Landcruiser

    You can lock the rear door in the full open position if yours is still stock. I do not think the 04,05 requires premium fuel.
  13. lockd80

    replace air system, Shocks first, lift later

    You could always get the metaltech kit, fj springs and just keep your stock shocks until you decide on a lift. This would fix your current problem and make the actual lift a little easier when you do it.
  14. lockd80

    GX470 LOCKERS!!

    We got 14 inches of snow on Monday so had a chance to compair the 80 to the 120. Compaired the Lexus with the center diff locked to the 80 with center diff and rear locked. The Gx did great and atrac works good but the solid locker on the 80 just makes everything so easy in comparison. I think I...
  15. lockd80

    GX470 LOCKERS!!

    That's cool, Are the spring perches correct for a air bag delete? I know, search is your friend...
  16. lockd80

    GX470 LOCKERS!!

    Has anyone looked into swapping in a electric locker third member from a TRD Tacoma?
  17. lockd80

    GX470 LOCKERS!!

    The ARB rear diff is about $950. Install depends on your shop and a pump is anywhere from $100 to whatever plus install. I would budget at least $1500 for a rear and another grand if you want the front.
  18. lockd80

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Took mine in for an airbag recall and they installled a new dash! I was on the waiting list and still a year out but apparently they had ordered the wrong color for the one in the shop and offered it to me cause I was there and ready to give up my car for a couple days. Lexus of Fife has...
  19. lockd80

    Anybody Flat Tow a GX?

  20. lockd80

    How many previous or current LC owners here?

    I own an 80 and a GX and could not be happier. I was shopping for a 4Runner but in my market a similar V8 runner is actually more expensive than a GX and I think the Lexus is a much nicer vehicle. Our local Lexus service manager told me that the GX is the most reliable vehicle Lexus has sold to...
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