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    Trunk is stuck

    Hey all, This was never a problem or even showed the potential to be a problem, but I went to open the lower part of my trunk (the bit without the window) and the lever worked and the trunk door moved an inch but is stuck. It seems something is a bit sticky or the lever stopped working all of a...
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    Emergency Brake sort of works

    Hey all, So my emergency brake "works". I have parked on slants and other mild grades. However, the other day I parked in a pretty steep space and put the brake in, and it started sliding a bit. I put it in gear and all was good. This wasn't a problem until recently, very rarely I will start...
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    Emergency Brake light won't stay off...

    Hey all, So I have read that the brake fluid may be low however, the problem I am having is a little different than what was described previously... So the light is on when the brake is engaged, and then I lower it all the way down and it turns off. I'll be driving and hit a little bump or the...
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    Alternator problem?

    Hey all, I took my 87 fj60 for a drive yesterday. No problems starting, it was a 30 min drive, I parked and then went to grab food and came back (gone for about 20 min). I replaced the battery about two weeks ago so no problems there (the car was super dead one morning and a jump/trickle charge...
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    First Repairs/replacements

    Hey all, I just bought a 1987 FJ60, runs great but lots of little things to do to make it more reliable (I can post a pic of under the hood tomorrow when it is light out). I have been researching the best first steps to take to make it run smoother and lower the chances of future problems. I...
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    Best manual for repairs and for learning about your FJ60

    Hey all, I recently bought an FJ60, that drives smooth and has minor problems. I want to make sure I am proactive in learning about the car. Does anyone have any repair manual suggestions or PDF's that helped them with both small and large fixes. Thanks
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    Dots of antifreeze under hood of car

    Hey all, just bought a 1987 FJ60. I have driven it around no problem and the inspection before I purchased it was rock solid. The other day I was installing a washer fluid reservoir and noticed green specs all over. Looks like antifreeze. Any thoughts as to why this happened?
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