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    Buyers advice - Heater Control Valve

    After owning an 80, and 3 100's and now currently without a cruiser, the disease is creeping back and I am back in the market. I'm looking at a higher mileage 97 80, with 270K+ miles. The owner admits the heater control valve has failed within the past year. Also, the head gasket hasn't been...
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    For Sale  2002 Land Cruiser 244K NorCal

    Selling my 2002 Land Cruiser, 244,XXX miles. River rock green mica. Clean title. California vehicle. Timing Belt and water pump done at dealer at 205K miles. All lock actuators were done at that same time. The bad which I've tried to display in the pictures. Driver seat ripped. Passenger door...
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    Alternator and Battery Questions

    Hi, hope somebody can help me troubleshoot. I've read a bunch of posts and can't find my exact situation. My wife's LX recently had the battery light come on, and eventually the battery died. Of course we were on the coast above San Francisco about 150 miles from home. The battery light came on...
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    For Sale  Tundra Steel 18" with BFG KO 275/65 18 - NorCal

    For sale are 4 Tundra steel wheels plasti dipped black. Tires are BFG KO 275/65 18. Also comes with set of black lugs seen in the picture. Selling as wife will be driving this now and she prefers the standard look. $300/bo for all. located outside of Sacramento, Rocklin/Roseville area
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    SOLD  16" OEM Wheels, lugs, caps 100 series - NorCal

    Recently switched to Tundra wheels and have an extra set of 4 100 series wheels. Taken off a 2002 cruiser. Lug nuts included. I'm in Norcal, Sacramento area. Local pickup, not looking to ship at the moment. $200
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    Lugs for Tundra Steel Wheels

    I've searched and searched and found several threads, but I've ended up confusing myself. I'm switching to Tundra steel wheels and understand I can't use my stock lugs. Would somebody help me out and point me in the right direction of which I need, preferably in black. It would be greatly...
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    Tires on 20"

    Hi, I've been mainly active on the 80 series forum and have only been a lurker here for my wife's 100 series. Question on tires. When we bought our 100, it came with after market 20" wheels. It's time for new tires. I've spent many hours looking through all the posts on options. I was not able...
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    Test Drive Sound Question

    Hi, I was looking at a 2002 100 in my area today and took it for a drive. At around 35-45 mph I thought I could hear a sound coming from somewhere under the hood, drivers side. Something like a flutter, clicking sort of sound. Could be as simple as something loose and the wind at higher speeds...
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    For Sale  97 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary – NorCal

    Selling my 1997 40th Anniversary Land Cruiser. Located in Sacramento area (Roseville/Rocklin area) Asking $5,250 /or offer 280K miles. No lockers. I’ve owned it just over 2 years. I believe I’m 3rd owner. I bought it from an older couple that used it as daily driver and had all maintenance...
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    Newb addicted with buying questions

    I'm new here, what a wonderful community, so much valuable information. I've spent many hours reading. My wife and I were in the market for a used minivan for our family and everything was expensive and worn and well, a minivan. So, we stumbled across a really nice 98 LC and it's now ours. The...
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