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    Wanted  FST Door Top Bows

    Have a '71 FJ40 factory soft top (FST) with original top bows EXCEPT I am missing the pieces that form the top of the door frames. These "door top bows" connect the top of the B-pillar posts to the top corners of the windshield. I'm looking for original pieces. Real Steel Cruisers makes nice...
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    Factory Soft Top Materials Used?

    I’m restoring a ’71 FJ40 factory soft top and would welcome help on what soft materials were originally used. My soft top is long gone (replaced by a hard top early in its life) but the truck always kept its original soft doors. The soft doors are a tan vinyl with the interior backing a...
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    Factory Radio Location for a '71?

    Need help learning where the radio was installed in my '71 FJ40 FST. It came with the Fujitsu AM radio Part No. 08600-00013. I have the original owner's guide and Warranty Registration Card to prove this, plus it has what looks to be a factory antenna mounted just in front of the driver's side...
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    Front Diff Problem

    The front diff broke on my 2001 LC-100 with 155k miles. I was driving up a moderate snow-covered incline and started slipping. I made a couple of runs at it in Low range with center diff locked when the front let go. This was NOT serious off-roading by any means and am pretty disappointed how...
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    Slight harmonic vibration

    I am new to this forum, having recently acquired an ’01 LC with 145k miles. It is in excellent unmodified condition. I’m hoping there is someone who solved this problem (or a Toyota NVH engineer!) out there to help me. I have a slight harmonic vibration felt through my heels on the floorboard...
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