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    Do 79 series (external) sun visor fit 60 series landcruisers?

    Hey guys. Wondering if anyone knows if the 79 series external sun visors fits any 60 series land cruisers? As shown in image below. Cheers, Ben.
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    12HT Valve Stem Seals - HELP

    Hi all. Got a blow smoke issue which I am hoping to narrow down with a compressions test . Just if anyone has any ideas, puffs some smoke on startup, but pretty clear on idle (faint faint white smoke/condensation but does the same when warm). It's when I take off that it loves to puff a good...
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    12HT blowing blue smoke

    Hi there, Just a bit concerned as I noticed my 1987 HJ61 (12HT) is blowing a bit of blue smoke under load. In all fairness she hadn't been driven in 2 weeks and before that she's been a work in project, so hasn't been driven around a lot. She blows a bit of black smoke on start up, clear but...
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    Factory PTO Winch - Does it fit both Auto & Manual?

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows if the factory 60 series Landcruiser PTO winches fit both the automatic and manual transmissions? Cheers, Ben.
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    Another A Pillar leak - HELP!

    Hi all. Recently bought a 1987 hj61 high roof 60 series Landcruiser with a bit of an A pillar leak on the passengers side... I've had a good read through some other threads but can't seem to find the remedy. I am getting the leak coming down the outside of the a pillar coming from what...
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    BJ-61 3B to 12HT conversion???

    Hi team. Looking at purchasing my mates BJ-60 with a 3B 5 speed (I believe a HFF5) and wanted to convert/swap the engine out for a 12ht engine. Wondering if any out there has done this or can point me into the direction of a forum of this? Also does anyone know if the 12ht engines directly...
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