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  1. TRfWJ

    Looks like one of our buddies from ACC had a fun time in his truck...

    tough river crossing - Expedition Portal Forum I immediately recognized that truck and I'm pretty sure that's Rick in there helpin out too. Enjoy. Hopefully, ya'll can see the videos.
  2. TRfWJ

    They wanna crush our trucks!!!

    Not that I'm concerned, but I think it's interesting. Anyone's thoughts?:popcorn: Article Detail
  3. TRfWJ

    Pumpkin help.

    So my girlfriend Callie wants to go pumpkin picking sometime soon. We have plans to go hiking Friday probly up around Caesar's Head. So, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place not too far out of the way if I'm driving from Clemson to Caesar's Head where I could go find me a big pumpkin...
  4. TRfWJ

    Fj blowin my mind

    Thought you fellas might like thi$. Prepare to have your mind blown. All I know is $omebody'$ rollin in it, BIG TIME! Enjoy 2008 FJ Complete build - TTORA Forum
  5. TRfWJ

    A word of Caution to everyone....

    Monday night at 2:30 AM, a neighbor's house was broken into less than 1/4 mile away from my house. Someone broke in while the neighbor was home, went into his son's bedroom (Son wasn't home), went through his dresser and closet and took a rifle and shotgun (both in cases). Something woke the...
  6. TRfWJ

    Jeep Guy Needing some advice.

    First of all, let me say that I'm still very pleased with the Jeep as far as everyday utility, practicality, and drivability; not to mention great capability offroad. It's never let me down and does everything I ask it to. HOWEVER, the gas mileage is KILLING ME!! What I'd love to do is to...
  7. TRfWJ

    4BT Powered FJ-62 IF ONLY I HAD THE $$$$

    Here ya go fellas. Yeah, it's something else from ExPo, but this thing is pretty sweet and it's definitely something for anyone to drool over in one way or another. I'd love to do the same $wap in the WJ or in any cruiser simply for ga$ mileage. Enjoy!! I know I'd love to have it. Allie's...
  8. TRfWJ

    CRAZY water crossing

    Here ya go fellas. I found this on ExPo and thought some of ya might be interested. Still a Cruiser, of sorts.
  9. TRfWJ

    Anyone Need a new Winch line

    I know JP's line is in bad shape and heard him mention replacing it. Not sure if anyone else may need it or not. Just putting it out there cuz I found it; no affiliation. Have a good one 5/16" Cable from Warn 9.5ti Winch
  10. TRfWJ

    Cheap Stuff for sale.

    Found this over on ExPo. AT is having a sale for some of their demo/shop stuff. Some decent prices on some of it if you happen to be in market. Not sure if anyone's interested or not, but it's there. AT Attic Sale (part 1) - Expedition Portal Forums
  11. TRfWJ

    Cullowhee Maintenance Proposal

    "We didnt inherit this land from our ancestors, we are just borrowing it from our grandchildren" I went up to Cullowhee today b/c I just simply couldn't wait to go wheel in the snow and I, being fortunate enough to know of such a beautiful place, made the pilgrimage and endulged. I ran into...
  12. TRfWJ

    So, who needs some new tires on a budget??? I have no personal experience myself, but I read about 'em on ExPo and it seems like a good deal. No negative feedback, so might be worth a shot, especially for a trail rig. I wish I'd known about them before I bought my BFG MT's (Expen$ive!). Anyone here...
  13. TRfWJ

    In the market for a welder.

    In the market for a welder and Need HELP!! I'm looking for a good welder to start fabricating a bumper, winch mount, sliders, garden-art for the grandmother, and whatever else I come up with to make. Does anyone have any good suggestions of a good unit to buy? I've only welded at work, so a...
  14. TRfWJ


    Not sure how many of you may have seen this yet, but I saw it and figured you guys might be atleast interested. Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great wkend!!
  15. TRfWJ

    GPS in Overland Journal

    I know one thing discussed some at the PPR this wkend was GPS. We also all drooled over Overland Journal. I just got mine and it's great. One of the main articles is a comparison of GPS devices; much like the big comparison they did for the fridges. I looked on ExPo and saw a discussion...
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