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  1. MtnTrucker

    Gear ratio and rng gear grinding

    Just curious, your signature line says your rig is SOA as well as a V8. Do you have a track bar installed on your rear axle to keep the axle from wrapping up under torque? If not, you will continue to break pinions off.
  2. MtnTrucker

    Man-A-Fre DUI install, check my work please

    Your .055 gap is fine for an HEI distributor. That is one of the advantages of a high powered unit like that. It sounds like your timing is close enough to start it but you need to use a timing light to get it set exact. The factory setting is 7 degrees before top dead center. If you dont...
  3. MtnTrucker

    Luke's FJ40 build thread

    One more thing to consider putting on your list: See how strong the air blows out of your heater and defroster. It is very common to get straw, dog hair and other debris packed into the heater box so tight that it greatly restricts the air output. Plus the foam from the factory rots, adds...
  4. MtnTrucker

    For Sale Big tex is for sale

    Bump for BigTex! Russ, I'm really sorry to see you selling BigTex and getting out of the sport. Who ever gets him will have a great rig. His little bro" Meany is still going strong. Actually added turn indicators and got it licensed and street legal. I just added 5.13 gears, redid the rear...
  5. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  1985 Ext Cab Mini-truck

    1985 Ext cab mini truck built to wheel. This rig is in perfect mechanical condition, the body is still nice. I have 3 rigs and I need to thin the herd, this will be a great deal for someone. 22RE that was professionally rebuilt 1,000 miles ago, total new bottom end, large port performance...
  6. MtnTrucker

    fan clutch help for 2f

    Wait, I went back and re-read your post after seeing Mark's comment. Are you saying the fan clutch is always freewheeling and not engaging or is it always locked up and spinning full speed all of the time? Keep in mind, unless you hold it with your gloved hand, the fan is always going to spin...
  7. MtnTrucker

    For Sale 1.5F Engine parts in Denver

    Mine doesn't have the sending unit port on it like that one does.
  8. MtnTrucker

    For Sale 1.5F Engine parts in Denver

    I have a non-cooler one that also does not have the sending unit port on it.
  9. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  1.5F Engine parts in Denver

    I pulled the original 1.5F motor from my 1974 FJ40 and replaced it with a new 2F. A friend had a cracked block and got the 1.5F block from me but I still have the cylinder head, 2F valve cover, rocker arm assembly, headbolts, pushrods, cam (not worn down), lifters, cam/crank timing gear set...
  10. MtnTrucker

    2F connecting rod torque 100 ft. lbs?

    Are you talking about the main bearing caps or the rod bearings? Rod bearings are no where close to 100 ft lbs of torque. According to the Haynes manual they should be set to 45 ft lbs. Haynes Manual Torque Specs Engine Section Cylinder Head 90 f/lb Main Bearing Cap 1st 2nd 3rd 100...
  11. MtnTrucker

    Cam Lobe wear

    Dang, good point, I was still thinking in terms of the older diesel oils. JimC is right again, as usual :bang: Guess I'll just start using the zinc additives in it.
  12. MtnTrucker

    Factory Colors in Rattle cans

    If you go to the FAQ on this website they do have a page that shows what rattle can colors are the closest match to the oem colors. I know that Rustoleum "Harbor Blue" is an almost perfect match for the oem smurf blue. I repainted my 40 with it and it looks great. Best of all, if I get...
  13. MtnTrucker

    My Orion needs a skid plate

    It's not as heavy duty as the IP plate but I used an oem skid plate on my 74 after installing the Orion, fits perfectly.
  14. MtnTrucker

    Cam Lobe wear

    I had the same exact problem with a worn out cam in my 40's 2F. I dropped the bib, pulled the radiator, valve, side and timing covers and had the cam replaced and everything put back together in under 4 hours. While I was in there I installed new timing gears too. It's very easy to R&R the...
  15. MtnTrucker

    A Dumb Question

    There are oil passageways in the top of the head and the bottom of the rocker arm supports, pressurized oil goes up there and into the rocker arm rail where it comes out of small weep holes.
  16. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Marlin Crawler Tranny Rebuild Certificate

    SOLD to Woytovich! Thanks!
  17. MtnTrucker

    For Sale 1974 1.5f engine

    Try posting up on MUDship, sometimes you get lucky.
  18. MtnTrucker

    Venting Charcoal Canister to Air Cleaner After DeSmog?

    I would hook a hose temporarily to the top of that fuel filter on your firewall and route it to the rear of the vehicle. Then test drive it to confirm that the fuel smell your getting is actually fumes coming out of that filter. It could be a bad sending unit gasket or even a pin hole in the...
  19. MtnTrucker

    For Sale  Off Road Trailer in Denver

    This is a 1996 trailer fabricated & titled by Offroad Outfitters. It was lightly used for 3 years and has been stored in a storage unit since then. It is very sturdily built using heavy gauge steel throughout, yet it is balanced well enough for 1 person to easily move it around. It has a...
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