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  1. BG85FJ60

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Wheel & Tire info?????
  2. BG85FJ60

    autocad files for the 60 series

    Same here. Thank you sir
  3. BG85FJ60

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Got 3rd place at the national boat building challenge in Beaufort NC.
  4. BG85FJ60

    The LAgallegos 60 build.

    Looks like a clip for theTailgate access plates
  5. BG85FJ60

    EGR bypass question

    Thanks for the explanation. I did notice a slight ping on the hwy today. I'm planning on a proper desmog & h55f this coming winter. Guess I'll just have to deal with the stumble until. At least I know now that she's capable of producing & have something to look forward to.
  6. BG85FJ60

    EGR bypass question

    After searching many threads here on Mud in regards to the common 2F hesitation/lurching/bucking problem upon acceration, I ended up bypassing my EGR modulator. I did this by plugging the bottom hose & the single hose on top of the modulator. Man what a difference! Engine now performs so much...
  7. BG85FJ60

    The Elusive Black Manual 62 Style Mirrors Are Real

    Has anyone tried these from CCOT? Any reviews?
  8. BG85FJ60

    Parting Out 1988 FJ62....PART OUT or will sell whole for $500

    Right rear window chrome trim??? Driver door rain gutter trim??? Straight, not bent or kinked... 28557. $? Thanks!
  9. BG85FJ60

    Parting Out 2 1984 fj60's

    how about the right rear quarter window chrome trim? really just need the piece closet to the lift gate...28557. Thanks!
  10. BG85FJ60

    Woodbineman's FJ62 refresh to stock in BC

    Flip Window Install, Video One:
  11. BG85FJ60

    Doing a full repaint. Vote: Stock or Jeep Anvil?

    Just finished spraying Alexseal Anniversary Silver Metallic. More of a "grayish" silver compared to the stock silver but I think it looks freaking awsome....Can't go wrong with silver.
  12. BG85FJ60

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Fresh coat of paint
  13. BG85FJ60

    looking for set of door panels on a 87 fj60 grey

    Look at "sellers other items". Looks like they have the full set.
  14. BG85FJ60

    looking for set of door panels on a 87 fj60 grey
  15. BG85FJ60

    Sway Bar question

    Yes I realize that it's a front. Question is, can it be converted to fit the rear? Cutting, welding, etc. Has anyone ever tried it?
  16. BG85FJ60

    Sway Bar question

    Bought this sway bar on ebay today, thinking it was for the rear. Guess that's what I get for opening the wallet before taking a closer look. My question is, is there any way to make it work as a rear sway bar for the 60? Since I have already made the purchase I might as well give it shot.
  17. BG85FJ60

    Builds Moonshine - A Build Thread

    Next time you y'all come rumbling through Morehead City/AB, look me up! Matt Lamb @ Chasin'tails Outdoors is my cousin, maybe I could talk him in to hook'n you up w/ a family discount. Looks like you guys caught a good weekend in Portsmith...
  18. BG85FJ60

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Did a little cleaning under her toenails...
  19. BG85FJ60

    How To Videos Thread

    Gonna throw this WagonGear video in the mix, only because it helped me out this past weekend. How to remove rear cargo glass. Flip Window Install, Video One: Great thread BTW!
  20. BG85FJ60

    Cheap Winter Resto

    Thanks SteveH for the tips and reminding me of the search tool....:doh: . Just watched wagongears video. I'll give it try.
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