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    Yaseu FT-7800R Install with pics.

    I have a jpeg I just can't figure out how to post it. I click on the image icon it wants a url. Also tried the camera icon but that was a dead end. Just noticed there is an Upload File button at the bottom. Let me try that.
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    Yaseu FT-7800R Install with pics.

    I edited and added it using a different link. Does that work better? I seem to be having a bad day with the computer.
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    Yaseu FT-7800R Install with pics.

    Hard to see what is behind the face plate but I think this is the right direction. I just went out and looked and there is a small lip.
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    Yaseu FT-7800R Install with pics.

    The space where you put the face plate. Is that an open cubby hole? My 15 LX has an ashtray there but since I am not a smoker I wonder if it can be removed. Also curious how you mounted the Sirius XM. I was able to get a special bracket to mount my Ham in my FJ Cruiser and really like that it is...
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Anyone have pictures of a Ham or CB radio install in an LX? I see some installs in LC's and it looks like putting the head unit where the ashtray is seems to be the most common but wonder what others have come up with. This is what I have in my FJ. Dan Plemons has shared 1 photo with you!
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    This my new to me 2015 LX570 pulling my AT Chaser for a weekend camping trip to Alta Lakes. As I also have a 2008 FJ Cruiser so the LX is going to stay stock for the foreseeable future.
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    Annual Meeting Jan 6, 2016

    Hey Ace. I was unaware you were looking at a possible merger with another group. But since the thought seems to have been considered I thought I would let you know about another group you could potentially make contact with. I ran into this guy by the wall on Poughkeepsie in September right...
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    Fruita Fat Bike Festival

    Looks like you guys had a great trip. Can't wait to retire so I can do things like that.
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    Fruita Fat Bike Festival

    Yea I wrote it wrong. I went but it kind of got rained out. The 18 road trails were too muddy but I did ride out at Kokopeli. I bought a new bike by the way but the rear shock failed yesterday so I am going to have to send it in for repair. I also have a front end alignment problem with the FJ...
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    Fruita Fat Bike Festival

    Anyone going? I signed up for Saturday only.
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    Sad News

    Sorry to hear that. John are hearts and prayers are with you. Take care my friend.
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    Say Hello and Intrduce yourself.

    Hi Anthony. That is truly a sweet looking 40. Never owned one myself but always wanted one. Also want a 60, 80, 100 ... :D Currently I have an 08 FJ Cruiser and I have a place down in Ridgway. Loghill Village more specifically if you are familiar with the area. It is not my permanent...
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    Fergytoy's 1977 FJ40 frame off resto.

    No apologies necesary. You have your priorities set correctly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Michele as you go through this dificult period. Please keep us updated with your status. We want to hear from you. Hope to see you at Cruise Moab again in the spring but if you can't...
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    Annual Meeting Jan 7, 2015

    Hey Ace. Hope winter is treating you well. I won't be able to make the meeting but you and Johnathon have my vote by proxy. Can you send me a bill for the dues via Paypal? I think you have my email.
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    BCC Meeting Sept 10

    THat was definitely some great chow. Great meeting everyone too. Wish I could come on the run tomorrow but alas I am headed in the other direction. :crybaby:
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