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  1. bpassmore

    Backspacing question

    What is the recommended backspacing for running 40s? Looking at super swampers, moving up from 315s on OEM LX rims. Have 6 inches plus packers and some weight. Ideas?
  2. bpassmore

    Yellow Box Generation 5 Install Instructions

    Since I couldn't find this online (Official home page of the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator only has v3 and v4 on line) - i scanned this for posterity. Hope it helps someone. (Works amazingly well, fyi)
  3. bpassmore

    Need help in Kansas city Missouri - a343 transmission

    Hello friends, I recently loaned out my lx450 to some friends who are traveling. They made it from Houston to Nebraska back to Missouri and here ran into problems. The front DC drive shaft split at the yolk, swelling up and cracked my transmission casing. I need to find a spare LX 450 / 80...
  4. bpassmore

    Flagstaff peeps

    Hey guys and gals. Texas cruiser nerd here, with family in Flagstaff for 4 days. We brought the Sienna this time, now regretting not bringing the LX. Anybody got a spare 4x4 suv for a few days so we can still do Verde canyon rail, AZ utv tour, and Grand Canyon National Park? I am afraid...
  5. bpassmore

    How to download Toyota/ Lexus Factory Service Manuals from TIS

    How to download Toyota/ Lexus Factory Service Manuals from TIS This creates a lot of PDFs which must be assembled. In case anyone needs it. Also, from that link there are 1997 Lexus FSM and EWD links ready for download.
  6. bpassmore

    Drivers arm rest interchange

    I have a 97 LX with the oak color interior. My drivers arm rest on the door panel is cracked at the upper screw hole. What years/ models/ interchange with the right color? only 96/97 LX oak? any others (hopefully) ? thanks
  7. bpassmore

    Wanted  LX450 Drivers Side Drivers Arm Rest

    Like the title says. I need an armrest for an LX450. Drivers side door. Mine cracked.
  8. bpassmore

    DC Fabrication Rear Bumper

    Anyone running this? Looks familier.
  9. bpassmore

    Wanted  Built 1996-1997 LX450

    I am looking for an already modded LX450 Budget is between 9 and 11k depending on condition and mods. Low/no rust is a major plus, as is low milage. Send details to
  10. bpassmore

    For Sale  1997 LX 450 in Houston, Locked with 115k

    I need to sell my 450 in order to buy a new wheelchair van for my daughter. My loss, your gain. This LX has the flares removed, and the flare area has been rhino lined. It has 115k miles and is in overall good shape. I'll post pics soon. It currently has a p0410 code. I have a new egr...
  11. bpassmore

    Help Wanted  Now Hiring - Houston Area

    We are hiring for 2 positions in the Houston area. 1. Low voltage and security technicians needed. Complete pre-wire and system trim outs for new construction including cat5e, RG6 and security wiring. Must be able to pass background check and obtain a Texas Security license. Experience...
  12. bpassmore

    Test:  Test forum runner attachments

    Here we go again
  13. bpassmore

    New Steering Wheel - Option?

    I think i recall hearing about an LS400 wheel or others fitting easily. What years, and what other wheels have you guys used? can you post pics? Id like to fins a wheel with wooden (polished) accents with leather... Will the 100 series wheel fit? thanks guys.
  14. bpassmore

    Lexus LX 450 Body Clading and Flares For Sale

    1996-1997 Lexus LX 450 Body Clading and Flares for sale all misc parts for sale – all or part. Find your part, Make offer. Shipping from 77044.
  15. bpassmore

    DIY Bedliner on the Lexus

    Ill write up the steps tomorrow probably... to tired tonight. Pictures speak for themselves. It looks AWESOME. I used a kit from this place: LinerXtreeme The One Gallon kit was MORE than enough. I bought 2, so I have another chance to do more in the future. I went to Sherwin Williams and...
  16. bpassmore

    Fish tacos anyone?

    looking for a recipe/ tips and tricks... anyone have anything to offer?
  17. bpassmore

    Other Toyota Rig's Front Axels

    What other FJ or others type of Toyota vehicle's front axels have compatible innards? Specifically, does the 80 and 60/62 share any common front end parts? Birfields or stub shafts? if so, what what years? BP
  18. bpassmore

    165 Amp Alternator on Ebay for 80 Series

    93-97 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER LX 450 HIGH OUTPUT ALTERNATOR : eBay Motors (item 350329839108 end time May-16-10 18:51:48 PDT) hogwash?
  19. bpassmore

    Cracked front wndshield. What are the best options?

    What say mud? Best replacement glass venders and your exp. With them?
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