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    PHH Replacement

    Is anybody in the Norfolk/VA Beach interested in replacing my PHH on my 1995 FJ80 1FZ. I’m having some back issues and can’t really get in a comfortable position to do. I’m willing to pay whoever has the time to do it. Thanks. Text me at7576095843 if you are interested. I’m in the East...
  2. J

    Chasing overheating problem

    Did the rear heater by-pass today(PITA), verified all the plumbing was correct from the various threads here on MUD. Started her up and temp gauge reached just below red zone. I did not notice any coolant leaking, I had coolant in the resivior, what is the next logical place to check as I chase...
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    Universal Joint replacement cost

    What would be a resonable amount for a shop to replace all 4 Universal joints on my 95 LC Locked? I have the parts, but really don't have the time, and its getting cold out on the East Coast. Thanks
  4. J

    Horn pad contacts

    I would like to check the horn contacts on the steering wheel of my 1995 LC. To get a good look at them I would have to remove the plastic cover over the airbag, I plan on disabling the steering wheel airbag (remove airbag fuse, remove negative battery cable and wait 90 seconds). My question is...
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    New ride va beach

    Guys, I bought another 80, with 151 K, no lockers. Owner claims it needs an new engine. His mech at carmax told him so. I took it out for a drive, only thing I noticed out of place was 5 or so knocks upon start up (loud), then it stops and drives normal. All fluids were a bit low, but looked...
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    I recently bought a 1996 LC, white, no lockers with 151K miles. It was advertised locally as needing a new engine, $3000. I went to go see it and get some background on it. This is what I found 1. engine knocks upon start (sounded like from the bottom), goes away after start. Idles a bit...
  7. J

    RTH AC Tensioner Pulley

    I removed the AC tensioner pulley today, and upon re install I started it up and it started smoking at the AC tenioner pulley. I think I lost something . The tensioner pulley is sitting flush against the mounting bracket, so when it was spinning it was metal against metal , and it started...
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    Suggestions for windshield weatherstrip installation

    I have the new weatherstrip for my windshield (OEM). The problem is I cannot find a shop in Hampton Roads, VA (virginia Beach) that will do it. The national chains won't do it if I don't buy the weatherstrip from them. I told then that was the problem, thats why I bought a OEM. Any...
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    Daddy's home!

    My poor 80 is squeaky and rattles. My 2 year old can hear me inside the house as I pull up into the drive way. I have a rust belt 80, and was wondering were to start. I've replaced the springs and shocks, the brakes all the way around are in pretty bad shape. I plan on replacing the rotors...
  10. J

    Water on DS floorboard

    My carpet is soaked on the DS floorboard. I did not see any holes in the floorboard and the rubber plug looked in good shape. I was wondering where you all may think this water could be coming from. It is not coming from the fire wall area, only the floorboard area is soaked. Anybody else...
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    Rth: 80 stalled in standing water

    I went through about 18 inches of tidal flooding this morning and my truck stalled out. I think I went to fast through it and slightly let off the gas. I eventually moved it to high ground, checked the distributor and it looked dry as well as the air intake. A few hours later it won't turn over...
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    Brake job from hell!

    I just finished by front brake pad replacement. Total time spent 9 hours. The rusted bolts were ridiculous. I had all the tools, PB Blaster and a good attitude. In the end, a job that should have taken no more than 1 hour took me two days. I used everything in my aresenal, impact tools, breaker...
  13. J

    Wanted  1" front coil spacers 80

    Looking for (2) 1" front coil spacers for FZJ80. Thanks
  14. J

    Irritated to the max!

    For the last few days my horn will go off by just touching the stearing wheel or going over bumps. Sitting in traffic is crazy, as everybody thinks I'm honking at them. Any ideas on what is going on and how to fix before somebody pulls a gun on me for honking at them in bumper to bumper traffic...
  15. J

    Check engine light on

    Recently in VA we have had some very heavy rain. Last week on my way home I drove my LC through some water and the check engine light came on. Driveability seems normal, all gauges indicate normal, so I disconnected the battery cables to reset light. Check engine light stayed off until it rained...
  16. J

    Rear Shock and Spring install

    I currently completed front shock and spring install. It was fairly simple took me around 2 hours. When I started the rear I spent 6 hours trying to loosen 4 rusted bolts with zero luck. I used a torch to heat up the bolts, impact tools and about 1 can of jb rust blaster. These bolts did not...
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    Power Seat Replacement

    I'm looking to buy some used LC power seats. I currently have manual in mine, my question is; can I just swap out the seats? I'm not sure if my LC was pre wired for power seats. Don't want to buy them if it no possible to do this. Could not find anything in the search, wondering if somebody...
  18. J

    Wanted  Ome 860

    looking for a pair of OME 860's in good shape. Thanks Frank
  19. J

    Toyota Landcruiser Coil Spacers 50mm (80 & 100 Series)

    I have a set of (4 ) 50mm coil springs spacers. I purchased them around 3 months ago. They have never been installed. I paid $220.00 for the spacers and $60.00 shipping(from Australia). They are installed on top of the coil to give additional lift. 50mm is around 2 inches. Sale price is $120.00...
  20. J

    Idle RPM

    I could not find what the normal idle rpm on a LC is in the search section. My LC is idiling at 1000 RPM. Seems high, never really noticed until I started coming to this sight. Now I'm trying to listen to my LC to make sure its running correctly. What is the normal idle RPM?
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