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  1. lockd80

    A/C mixer valve?

    The other day I flipped a quick uturn and my A/C stopped blowing cold. I pushed all the buttons and jacked the temperature control a couple times and it started blowing cold again. Ever since then the air sometimes stops blowing cold and some times is ok. This winter I installed a new radio and...
  2. lockd80

    Sunroof rails leaking.

    What I am observing is when there is water in the trough that leads to the drains it is seeping under the guide rails and onto my headliner. Anyone seen this before? Is there a fix that does not include removing the sunroof and disassembling it? Thanks!
  3. lockd80

    Painted my wheels....

    Went crazy with the bedliner. bumper black and red paint.
  4. lockd80

    Supercharger parts

    hey guys I have a older supercharger set up, around 2002 I belive, and it is running great. Still puts out six pounds after 80000 miles. The problem I am having is that the idler pully is making noise and I cannot find a replacement. It's ok for now, I pulled off the dust cover on the bearing...
  5. lockd80

    Rear defrost grid replacement

    Like many of you my rear defrost has not worked well for years. I have fixed the grid several times but now all I get are what look like interconnected crop circles. Worse it looks like at the center of the circles the factory tint is starting to burn. While searching for solutions on the...
  6. lockd80

    front dif lock light coming on

    This is kinda weird, I was pulling into work today and my front dif lock indicator light started to come on, dimly at first but slowly getting brighter. The dif lock was not engaged so in an effort to clear the light I engaged all the locks, they worked fine, and they all disengaged normally...
  7. lockd80

    Yellow oil pressure idiot light?

    My oil pressure idiot light came on during my drive to work today. I was doing 55 with the cruise on turning about 2200 rpm and the oil light came on, not the usual red like for low oil pressure but yellow! I looked at my oil pressure gage and it was just over the 2/3 mark so I lowered the motor...
  8. lockd80

    a/c and deep water crossing

    I noticed today when I was doing a semi deep watercrossing (about 2-3 foot) that my a/c shut off and started blowing warm air then recovered about 3 minuts after pulling out of the water. I was just wondering if i should shut off the a/c before crossing water or if this is something I should...
  9. lockd80

    do birdfields thunk?

    When doing a low speed slalom I have a definate thunk from the left front. Not the clicking of a bad CV but a thunk that I can feel thru the floor under kinda hard left turns. What should I check first? I do not know if it is related but my brakes are acting like the pads are being pushed...
  10. lockd80

    80 OME 850 860 lift $300

    I was in my local wrecking yard today pulling some parts off a 80 when I realized that it has a OME lift on it! I already have this lift but I asked at the counter and they said $300 for the springs and shocks if you come and pull $500 if they pull them. The OME steering stabilizer is also on...
  11. lockd80

    FYI OME 850 860 lift $300

    I was in my local wrecking yard today pulling some parts off a 80 when I realized that it has a OME lift on it! I already have this lift but I asked at the counter and they said $300 for the springs and shocks if you come and pull $500 if they pull them. The OME steering stabilizer is also on...
  12. lockd80

    Reason for removing Stainless brake lines

    I was just going thrue the recipts from the PO and found that he had purchased stainless brake lines when he ordered the lift from Slee. There are no stainless lines on the vehicle now and was wondering if there would be any reason for not installing them or removing them from a 80. I have had...
  13. lockd80

    Metaltech Slider Battery Install

    Today I finished installing a backup battery in my Metaltech sliders with the optional Metaltech accessory tray. First let me say that Metaltech makes a super quality product, their sliders are awesome and saved my cats the first week I had them. The accessory tray is built to the same standards...
  14. lockd80

    Fog lights in an ARB

    I have seen quite a few posts asking about this and decided to share my experience. I was looking for a clear fog light that would mount into the turn signal light location in my ARB bumper. I knew that they would be too high for fog use and was only looking for a light that would illuminate...
  15. lockd80

    Black 100 badges

    I I bought these from cdan a while ago to replace my cracked plastic badge and decided to paint them and my stock sombrero black. I like the color but not sure about the spacing. Sometimes I get too anal so I thought I would ask my freinds at MUDD what do you guys think, should i peal them...
  16. lockd80

    Fender flare interchangeability

    I have been looking for fender flares for my 1995 80 for some time now and this question keeps coming up, can you put the rear flares from a 1994 or older 80 on a 1995 or newer 80? I realize that after 1994 the material changed from fiberglass to ABS plastic and I know that the front fenders...
  17. lockd80

    Wanted  WTB: 80 flares

    I need a set of flares for my 1995 80, everything except the left front. Shipped to western Washigton 98338. Thanks, Mark
  18. lockd80

    91-94 fender on a 95

    Has anyone tried to drill up a fj80 fender to take the later fender flairs? Are there any other differences betweenthe two? The reason I ask is that around here early fenders are about $100 while the late ones are $300. Thanks
  19. lockd80

    Bumper as a recovery point

    I found a set of hummer H3 D rings at a garage sale for $5 the other day and was wondering if the stock back bumper is strong enough to mount them on and use them for recovery.
  20. lockd80

    Dog Proofing

    This is the first mod I did to my LC. The main purpose of my LC is to take the family camping and that includes the dogs so the first thing I had to do is dog proof the cargo area. I wanted a full length floor I could take out and hose off and washable carpet covers. My old dogs can not jump...
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