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    For Sale  1965 FJ45 Project

    After much back and forth I've decided to put my 45 up for sale. When I started this build my life was much different than it is now and I haven't really touched it in over a year. Add some other life changes and finishing it or holding onto it until I can finish it is just not in the cards at...
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    SOLD  no longer searching

    I'm halfway through a 45 build and need a running cruiser in my life. I'd love a 40, as stock as possible, running/barely running somewhere within 2-3 states of Washington, preferably. Not looking for a fixed up or heavily modified one. Just a solid one with a hard top. I can deal with...
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    Wanted  fj40 disc front axle

    I'm in dire need of an FJ40 disc front end. I live near Seattle but can travel to get it. Doesn't need to be in good shape, just complete or mostly complete. Would rather not ship so traveling to oregon, northern ca, or idaho isn't totally out of the question. I need one. Thanks
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    For Sale  lwb rear bumper

    Just removed this from a 1965 long wheel base. The frame brackets need some welding repair but it's otherwise in good shape. It's heavy so local pickup is probably best. Located in Renton, WA. $200 obo
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    metaltech 45 cage

    Has anyone installed one of these and can provide some real world pictures of how it fits? I like what I see on their site but someone's 45 with the top on would be nice, access to the windshield latches, closeness of the a-pillar post to the front door opening with seats installed would be...
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    For Sale  stock fj40 wheels and hub caps

    Picked up a set of wheels a while back but went a different route. Guy I got them from had them stashed in his garage for quite some time. 2 have a flat spot on the outer lip that can be fixed pretty easily i bet if you felt the need. $250 obo located in Renton, WA
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    Wanted  fj40 bumper brackets

    Mine are long gone so I'm looking for some bumper brackets like this: They don't need to be that pretty, but that wouldn't hurt. Thanks!
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    Wanted  shock towers

    Looking for some stock shock towers. Shock bolts still installed would be a bonus. Thanks
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    Wanted  fj40/55 disc brake front axle

    I'm rounding up parts and looking for a 76+ disc front end. If you have a pair of axles I could be interested in the rear too but really just shooting for the front at this point. Located in the greater Seattle area would be ideal but I'd be willing to drive to pick it up. Any condition, just...
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    40 tank in a 45?

    Do some 40 tanks fit into fj45s? If so, what 40 tank would fit a 1965 fj45 long bed?
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    Wanted  Early bib

    Finally getting to work on the 45 and I need a bib and grille. 69 and older please. Preferably in the Pacific Northwest somewhere. Thanks
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    Wanted  bib, seats, gas tank

    I'm looking for a 69 and older bib, the style w/ the parking lights in front. Also looking for a bezel. If you have a stock bench seat i'd take that too. I'm also looking for a gas tank for my '65 fj45. I gave away my seats and gas tank like an idiot probably 6 years ago because of the...
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    stock cruiser wheels

    i have some stock cruiser wheels (riveted) that came off a '72?? i bought them from Ryan (wicked fab) a couple years ago and was going to put them on my 45 but looks like im going with one tons.. they do have some tires with decent tread on them and they also have the hubcaps. just looking to...
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    1976 fj40 axles

    pulled these today and i need to sell them,, front 76 disc brake front end and a stock rear '65 axle.. $500 gets both also have the booster and master cylinder from same cruiser--$150 they need to go this weekend so come get em! -peter
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    scout power steering box

    this was on my 45 but im going with a traditional in front of crossmember p/s swap now.. in good condition, ready to bolt on and be used. im in san jose and really prefer not to ship, but will if necessary. $100 :beer:
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    Wanted  40/45 parts

    the 45 is home now i need parts! -i need an early (pre-69) bib and bezel -later style doors and windshield frame----really dont NEED them but it'd be nice
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    Wanted  fj45 gas tank

    i cant remember if a 40 and 45 use the same tank but i need one for my 1965 fj45..if you got one in CA in useable condition please let me know..thanks :beer:
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    help me decide!

    I'm coming out of lurk mode for a some guidance from my cruiser brethren.. my 45 has been sitting lonely in a storage lot for the last 4 years or so and i feel it's time to do something about it... right now i'm driving a 1990 2 door 4runner as my dd but might be selling it this weekend, leaving...
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    newbie diff question

    please excuse the extreme newbie question but im not all that smart on 80's.. will an fzj80 electric locking differential fit into an fj80 housing?
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    BUY ME 1969 fj40

    hate to see it go, but time to focus on other more important things... everything has less than 6K miles on it.. replaced the frame w/ a clean/straight frame from a 1970 fj40, engine/drivetrain: rebuilt 350 (.030 over, roller rockers, forged pistons,alum. intake, balanced, rebuilt heads...
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