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  1. landcrusher909

    For Sale Misc 40 parts

    Since I need to list a price lets say $100 per item, Feel free to PM me a fair offer chances are Ill take it. Everything is plus shipping I'm cleaning out the shop and hope to help others keep or get their rigs running. Thanks
  2. landcrusher909

    Throttle HELP

    I'm just about done with everything else now I'm trying to mock up the throttle assembly My question is what is the best conversion ? I figured a cable since none of the mechanical 60 stuff lines up. Looking for pictures, advice and where I should order this stuff. Im going to try to get to the...
  3. landcrusher909

    AC compressor mount help

    How has everyone mounted the 60 factory ac compressor on a SBC ?
  4. landcrusher909

    Builds Going to the Dark side 60 Build

    Well the Ol 2F spun a rod bearing and since I have all this Chevy stuff laying around I figured its time to make the change. Early 350 4 bolt main, Built turbo350 Right now we are in the stages of cleaning everything up. Plan is new gaskets, seals and paint. This is going to be a slow process I...
  5. landcrusher909

    We lost a Great Cruiser Brother today

    its with a very heavy heart I share the passing of Hugh Miller aka youmustbecrazy here on mud. Ive been friends with Hugh for a very long time. We shared cruiser wrenching parties, parts buy adventures and life. 3 years ago we found out he had throat cancer. The past 2 years have been some of...
  6. landcrusher909

    FJ45 Road trip 2018 Black Hills

    Its time again for another Road trip. Its been 5 years since the 45 and I drove Coast to Coast. Ive always wanted to meet and wheel with the folks putting on the Black Hills Cruiser classic in Deadwood South Dakota. So in the last few weeks I have been upgrading the head lights, checking fluids...
  7. landcrusher909

    eBay 45 seat

    My posting fj45 Land Cruiser Drivers seat | eBay
  8. landcrusher909

    For Sale FJ40 tub&frame title $1800

    1962 FST tub and frame. Axles and springs. California title and rear barn doors. Tub is in really good shape they have cut holes in the dash. Frame is in good shape except for the fact someone was going to put a 4 runner IFS on it ( I know ) it would be easy to cut off without damaging the...
  9. landcrusher909

    For Sale 1967 FJ45 Driver seat

    1967 FJ45 driver seat. frame and rails are in Great shape. Threads are not striped. No rust $ 500.00 buyer pays shipping or possible mud shipping from So Calif.
  10. landcrusher909

    1977 FJ40 Title for sale

    I have the vin plates, pink slip and plate from a 1977 FJ40 if anyone is in need for a buggy build or whatever Id like to get $500 Thanks
  11. landcrusher909

    1977 FJ40 Title for sale

    I have the vin plates, pin slip and plate from a 1977 FJ40 if anyone is in need for a buggy build or whatever Id like to get $500 Thanks
  12. landcrusher909

    Tay-Yoda Father/Daughter build

    From myself and the family I want to Thank everyone at Cotton Land for your love, Help and support. Building this 40 for my Friend and Cruiser brother has been an emotional experience. Hugh is still dealing with his cancer. Today we delivered Taylor's 40. Hugh finished off the build by putting...
  13. landcrusher909

    Gauge cluster restoration

    Does anyone has a line on someone doing FJ40 Gauge cluster restorations
  14. landcrusher909

    The 45 wants to go camping

    Taking off this weekend with Brooks and Bob, were going to meet up with a group from the LA area for a 3 day Mojave trail run. New shocks up front spent the day testing out a few things. Also got the new Feather lite tent mounted.
  15. landcrusher909

    For Sale 1962 FJ40 FST

    I have this 1962 Factory Soft top. Tub is on really good shape, Dash has been cut. Fenders, hood, I am told not many had bard doors ( I have those also ) Front clip and stamped bezel are the cleanest I have ever seen. Windshield frame is in Great shape wiper motors look good and the glass is...
  16. landcrusher909

    Jewel in the Desert 1963 40

    Found this a month ago and was finally able to pick it up. 1963 FST 40. Most of the body is in good shape the frame has some issues ( they were going to put a 4 runner suspension on the 40 frame ) Well now its a my house. No big plans yet its been fun pulling everything out and cleaning it up...
  17. landcrusher909

    Tay-Yota Build and Thank you CLC

    This is Taylor Miller. she was 14 when her Dad Hugh @youmustbecrazy bought her a FJ40. Shes 20 now a Cancer Survivor and Collage student. Hugh has been a friend of mine for many years ( and a 40 owner ) In the last few years he has been battling throat cancer. I spoke with him last November his...
  18. landcrusher909

    T shirt help Round up

    Hello family, were out visiting Will and Jordan. She was telling Wendy how her favorite Lone Star t shirt finally wore out. I'm looking for a replacement or some others to replace it. Thanks and no coming to the next event isnt an option right now LOL size Small
  19. landcrusher909

    Airport FJ60 Limo

    When you're visiting Family in North Carolina what better way to get picked up at the airport than in your kids FJ60. Thanks kid @WhiteTiger911 .
  20. landcrusher909

    For Sale 1962 FJ40

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