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  1. Belov

    Looking for Local Drive Suggestions

    Hi Everyone, None of y'all know me, so a brief introduction. New Mexican since '81, Land Cruiser owner since '14, got a '93 that needs a head gasket, and an LX470 that I use to cart the fam into the mountains every chance I get. I ran into a few of you in Jemez Springs last summer, but haven't...
  2. Belov

    Need advice on a '98 LX 470

    I may have to trade my beloved '93 for something with fewer miles on it for, ah, relationship reasons. I found this: Lexus LX 470 I'm completely new to the 100 series, so I'd like some advice particular to this vehicle. I've read all the threads here and on Slee on general 100 info, but it...
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