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    New Pioneer Head Unit on lx470 now issues and questions

    I've searched. I had a pioneer Double Din avh-x1500 installed by a local stereo shop. I picked up my Lexus from the shop and immediately noticed a buzzing noise that was definitely not there before. I've read this is common and commonly the factory amplifier is the culprit. The Buzzing...
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    Wanted  wanted: lx 470 spoiler black

    Looking for a whaletail spoiler for the wife's lexus. Prefer black. thanks! Tyler
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    1998 Cruiser burgundy, Shane's leather, $9500

    We've loved it but just bought a lx470 and I can't justify two hundy's. The good: Rear diff lock works perfect Newer 265/75 BFG A/T Body is straight, never wrecked, no rust. Amsoil in the crankcase Shane's leather was purchased for all 3 rows. Two tone. Looks superb. I have only...
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    1993 3x locked in Wyoming $4600

    Recently purchased a hundy and with deep regret offer to you another fantastic 80 series. We have owned this for 4 years now and racked up 30,000 miles in that time. Cruiser has 262,xxx miles. Pro's and stats 262k Front and rear differential locks, I bought and installed the center diff...
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    His and hers cruisers in Wyoming

    Just bought my wife a 100 series in Utah this past weekend. 1998 with rear locker 185k for $8500. We are both ecstatic. She has been driving our triple-locked 80 for the past 3.5 years. I haven't been allowed to touch it (read lift) due to our 4 young children. Nonetheless I did manage to put on...
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    craigslist  1987 Toyota Landcruisier 4x4 with Diesel Engine - $6950

    Not associated, sounds like it could be cool.
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    Cold start intermittent crank 93

    This condition only rears its ugly head at 10 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Search didn't yield anything quite like this. 1993 80 series 1fz-fe, 251K, newer die hard platinum with plenty of grunt, starter sounds healthy. In the coldest temperatures it won't turnover, no cranking. Sometimes it...
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    Thule Gutter Mounts

    4 Mounts, good for 2 bars. Bars not included. Lock cores are installed but I don't have a key. You can get one for cheap if it matters to you. These are what I believe to be the 300 series. (Thule has 3 heights of gutter mounts). These are slightly shorter than my Yakima 1A gutter mounts but...
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    Pair Reed Valve question for those with a 93-94

    I went to investigate a "92" today for possible purchase. When I arrive it has 93-97 rims and as I pop the hood I am happy to see a 1FZ. I should be able to pick this gem up for cheap. It will be nice to have two 93's in the stable. It has only 317,xxx on the ticker and is very peppy. It has...
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    Idaho Falls to Salt Lake

    I just bought a canoe on KSL in the Orem area. I need to go down to pick it up and bring it back to Rexburg. Anybody from Utah coming up this way? I could meet in Pocatello. Otherwise I will just go down in which case I would be willing to help with transport if I can. Tyler
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    craigslist  FJ60 with a built 396 $15,000

    It's not mine and I don't know the seller but I found it on Craigslist. It needs to come down in price in my opinion and if it does, somebody will end up with a sweet 60. Yes it has dual quads and a manual transmission! 1983 FJ60 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER If this is in the wrong spot, feel free to move...
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    Trade  WTT 93 80 sliders for bumper/lift

    I have for your consideration a set of Rocky Road Super Sliders for a 93-94 fzj80. I picked these up in September of 2010 and have come to the conclusion that I am not likely to ever use them for their intended purpose. I just don't play in the rocks and a little more lift would really ensure my...
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    hairline cracks all over the place

    I may be the only one. Search hasn't helped me and I don't find it mentioned much but my instrument panel has approximately a dozen cracks all over. Next to the ECT button, antennae buttons, ac controls, diff lock switch. I realize the plastic is 17 years old. From what I understand a new one...
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    How much power can the 1fz make?

    1800 horsepower Toyota 1FZ Land Cruiser Engine Program 1,800HP+ "This is the perfect combination for those looking to power a chassis car deep into the 6s, or install this package in their Land Cruiser and be king of the hill (literally). " I realize this may not be tech worthy, if so the...
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    1993 cold start issue

    I have been monitoring this problem for the last month, hopefully some on here have had the same issue and resolved it easily to my benefit:). On colder mornings (below 32 F) The motor starts right up runs at about 1400 rpm for approximately 2 seconds and dies. I turn it over again immediately...
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    transmission whine under load

    1993 with front and rear diff locks, 234k, I have only owned it for a month. It has made a whining type noise under throttle since I bought it. The Noise is louder at higher speeds and does go away pretty much instantly when I let off the gas. I can even feel it through the gas pedal as a...
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    1993 with differing outer CV lengths

    I just purchased a 93, completely stock, does have front and rear diff locks. My drivers side front lugnut cap came up missing yesterday and also the grease cap plug had been pushed off by the shaft, I took it into the mechanic, he replaced wheel bearings, and spent a lot of time on the phone...
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