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  1. Pulso

    Weird distributor issue

    So every 2 or 3 times I drive the cruiser it starts to run rough: sputtering while accelerating and feeling like it might stall. I take off the distributor cap and there is a spot of oily substance dead center on the rotor. I wipe off the oily stuff and it returns to running great. Anyone have...
  2. Pulso

    How many times have you needed a tow??

    I guess it's inevitable with these old trucks. For me, twice. First time, shortly after I bought my '71, I was having fuel delivery issues and needed a tow of about 5 miles to my mechanic. Turns out the PO had the main fuel and fuel return lines mixed up, so all that fuel was trying to get...
  3. Pulso

    Dash Pad Cap

    Has anyone bought one of these? DASH PAD REPAIR CAP OVERLAY 68-81 TOYOYA LANDCRUISER FJ-40 | eBay Looks good in the photo and the price is right. My dash pad is in pretty bad shape but I'm not spending the dough for a new OEM. I'd love to hear about anyone's experience before I buy...
  4. Pulso

    Can anyone ID this Master Cylinder?

    I need a rebuild kit but have to figure out what it is first! The only writing on it is "made in Japan". Thanks guys!
  5. Pulso

    Brake booster/MC question

    While my '71 was up on jack stands I noticed that the pads on the front brakes are rubbing to the point where it takes a lot of effort to turn the wheel. No wonder my gas mileage has been terrible lately. So I had a look at the actuator rod between the booster and MC, and it's already adjusted...
  6. Pulso

    Advice for a wheeling newbie

    Hey guys, I bought my '71 FJ40 last fall and I've been spending the last year or so getting it fixed up and reliable. I'm pretty happy with how it's running these days and I'd like to get it out into the woods. I've never wheeled before, so I'm wondering, A) where to go in my area (Portland...
  7. Pulso

    Ignition switch

    Hey guys, my ignition switch is acting up and one of the tabs is wiggly. Does anyone know if you can take this thing apart, or do I have to buy a new one? Thanks.
  8. Pulso

    Side Mirror Arm Placement

    I saw this is in an old magazine. Has anyone put their side mirror arms here? I'm not happy with the passenger side mirror when attached to the windshield hinge. I can't get it adjusted enough to be useful. This seems like it would be a better spot, except for drilling a few holes which I...
  9. Pulso

    OEM Fuel sender resistance

    I put a pre-'72 fuel sender in my tank recently and the readings are way off. I'm thinking that although my truck is a '71, the gauge cluster is post '72. So I need to know if there is a difference in resistance between the old style/newer style senders. I did a search and found this...
  10. Pulso

    Using vintage license plates

    I have Antique Auto plates on my '71 which in Maine means that I don't need to get it inspected. I'm not sure exactly what the stipulations are, but I don't think you're supposed to use a vehicle with antique plates as a daily driver, although I doubt that it's enforced. Anyway, my question is...
  11. Pulso

    I had to get towed today

    :frown: Hi guys, I need some help diagnosing a problem I'm having with my '71. It has a 2F. I've owned it for about 6 months during which time I've been busy fixing electrical issues, steering issues, minor body work, and fuel delivery issues. I've put in a new tank, rubber fuel lines...
  12. Pulso

    Bent tie rod

    Hey guys, check out these pics of my tie rod--it's wicked bent. I'm wondering how much this would contribute to the play in my steering, which is considerable. Steering issues are on my short list of things to tackle. I'm thinking this is more of an annoyance than safety issue. Do you...
  13. Pulso

    Winch question

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good winch? It's gonna need some work to get it going, and I'd like to know if it's worth the time and effort...
  14. Pulso

    Brake light--I'm stumped

    Ok, so I finally got everything electrical working in my '71 FJ40. It was all good for awhile until a few days ago when my left rear brake light stopped working. Usually I like the challenge of figuring out these electrical issues but I'm totally stumped by this one... Everything else works...
  15. Pulso

    Steering Column Boot

    Anyone know where I can get one for a '71 FJ40? Or has anyone made one? It's time to replace the rag that's shoved in there now. It's #22 below...
  16. Pulso

    Brake warning light question

    Since I got my '71 cruiser I've been slowly picking away at the electrical issues. This week it's the brake warning light. I believe it's wired correctly, although hard to tell because none of the wiring diagrams I have show the brake warning light, which is odd. :meh: So with the parking...
  17. Pulso

    Steering Wheel question

    I'm about to begin restoring a steering wheel for my '71 FJ40. Does anyone know what the little metal thingy is on the underside is for?
  18. Pulso

    Horn brush

    Hi all, My latest project is to fix the horn on my '71 FJ40. Actually, the horn works great, but at the moment it's a button mounted to the side of the steering column. I want to get the original setup working and all I need is the horn brush. Does anyone have a line on where to get one, or...
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