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  1. hickuptruck

    For Sale  Canadian '09 LC200 - warning! Buyer beware! Red flags all around

    Had my checkbook open and ready with the ink earlier today, and also my browser set to book a flight when a 2009 LC popped up in Alberta. Price was $44k and it had suspension mods indicating that the owner was at least an enthusiast which I was drawn to. Nope, owner knows absolutely nothing...
  2. hickuptruck

    Fuel pump issues or problems with electrical?

    Well, heres the most uninspiring picture I've got of my 100. Its an 02 with 192k miles. First time its left me stranded. It stalled on me pulling out of a parking lot (had just recently driven 25 minutes on the freeway). I tried to start it again and it only cranked without start. Tried...
  3. hickuptruck

    Wanted  Aftermarket UCA for lifted 100 series

    I'm looking for a set of front upper control arms for a lifted 100 series, can be new or used. Can be adjustable like SPCs or fixed like Nitros. Thanks!
  4. hickuptruck

    New OEM steering rack: stick with OEM bushings or swap to poly?

    Dilemma here: bought a new OEM steering rack and can't decide if I should swap the bushings over to poly Whiteline. I'm running 32" ATs. No hardcore wheeling but I will blast down gravel and washboard roads. What would last longest? How much softer are OEM over polys? Will my steering be...
  5. hickuptruck

    Need help with the last 2 bolts of AC condenser replacement on 2002 LX

    On to the last 2 bolts for the AC condenser replacement on my LX. Was going pretty simple until the bumper support crossmember blocks access to these 2 bolts. Its a 2002 LX470, anyone got tips on how to tackle this?
  6. hickuptruck

    For Sale  1 owner 06 LX 200k Miles - Chicago Lexus Dealer

    Came across this one with 200k miles for $12.9k. Interior and body looks mint, but who knows about the bottom and salty Chicago its whole life. Checked its Lexus service history and looks maintained to the T. Things I saw in its lengthy lengthy history were: -PO seems to go through a battery...
  7. hickuptruck

    Part # for my favorite OEM 200 series wheels (Non-USDM)

    These are by far my favorite OEM wheels on a 200 series. I've only seen them on white armored/mil 200 series though. They were never offered in the US. Anyone got a part number so I can start looking for a set? Tundra steelies just don't do it for me for looks.
  8. hickuptruck

    Bought a new OEM CV. Opened today to see a dented lip. Opinions if ok to install?

    Bought a new OEM CV from McGeorge back in October for $400. Box looked fine until I opened it up today to find the seal is dented. I didn't have the time to install myself until this weekend. I probably won't have time until a month from now. Does this CV look ok to install with the lip like...
  9. hickuptruck

    Rate this rust on an 08 LX - 5/10 not great but not awful? Pics

    2008 LX570 with 140k miles - $21k Spent 5 years in Utah first 80k miles, then another 5 years on the NE till now. Its been maintained by Lexus dealership since day 1, and formerly owned by a retired professional athlete. Here's the pics of the undercarriage that were sent. It doesn't look awful...
  10. hickuptruck

    All the reasons why you don't buy a steering rack anywhere else but Toyota

    I bought a Detroit Axle steering rack back in December. 5000 miles later, foolish me. I didn't have the funds as it was all going towards AHC delete. Between putting Whiteline poly bushings and now new 555 inner tie rods on it today, I could've been $150 away from an OEM Toyota rack. No...
  11. hickuptruck

    Help finding o-ring from lower line to AC Condenser

    Closed off rear AC on my 02 LX, filled my AC up. Was happy with the cold AC then I looked to find this leak. Trying to find an OEM seal or equivalent so it doesn't all leak out/wreck my compressor. I can see the PAG46 oil leaking out as it's the lowest point.
  12. hickuptruck

    Rumor from over the pond: BMW 300 series Land Cruiser

    Well this popped up on my Land Cruiser feed. Maybe a BMW 300 series Land Cruiser with Toyota bits underneath but BMW styling. 🤮🤢 Wouldn't be impossible with the Z4 and Supra mashup. But jeez Toyota, if this were true really bastarding the epic Land Cruiser heritage. Also with what Merc did with...
  13. hickuptruck

    Radflo 2.5"RR shock install Woes - Need help

    I'm wondering if the Radflo shock I bought is even for the 100 series....lots of things have me wondering as the AHC shock is out and I've taken some measurements! I just put on the Sway Away torsion bars as well and they're adjusted to 20.5 inches from hub to fender. The shock is the standard...
  14. hickuptruck

    Timing belt alignment marks confusion and questions

    Hi, so I'm currently on day 3 of timing belt job, a couple hours a day, taking breaks and such after work. I've gotten to pulling the crank pulley off. I read on the Aisin timing belt kit to align it to TDC then rotate 50 degrees. I mistakenly aligned it to the timing belt cover nub, as I...
  15. hickuptruck

    3rd time replacing leaky front axle seal with OEM. Why does it keep leaking ?

    Spent my evening tonight getting the CV out to get to the front left CV seal. It keeps leaking, and yes it is an OEM seal I bought from the Toyota dealer. Here is a picture. Is it too deep in? Do I just have a defective one? And Have I damaged it when I put a pry bar to the CV to pry out the CV...
  16. hickuptruck

    Anyone have/try the Dobinsons MRR resi shocks for the 100?

    I need a rear shock to match up my Radflo 2.5s in the front. Can't swing the matching rear Radflo resis for $950, as I've set my budget to $450 for rear shocks. So far it's been the Ironman foamcell pros but last night I did some searching and for around $450-$500 for the set, Dobinsons has...
  17. hickuptruck

    Can't figure out where this spring from E-brake goes. Anchor spring?

    Went to service my emergency brake today because the right rear wheel wasn't holding. Well, after taking it all out, I find out there has been a spring popped loose, and one of my e-brake shoes has disintegrated. I looked at the FSM and have identified it as the anchor spring (see pic), but I...
  18. hickuptruck

    For Sale  AISIN TKT-021 Timing Belt Kit + Waterpump for Toyota V8s- Brand New in Box Never Installed - $150 Shipped

    Aisin TKT-021 Timing Belt Kit + Waterpump. This is for the 2UZ-FE and 1UZ-FE. Its brand spankin' new and I'll include my receipt purchase from off Amazon. It's not an old kit as the box manufacture date says 10/05/2018. It is the OEM kit for Toyota V8s. $150 shipped and firm. Shipping from...
  19. hickuptruck

    Why do I have a big hole in my DS rear quarter panel underneath the bumper?

    I was feeling around my 2002 LX470, just looking at some rust that I knew about before and lookijg at buying a trailer hitch. Well, I feel the body panel right underneath the DS rear bumper, and there's a piece of tape covering an oval hole maybe half the size of my hand. Wtf? I know my...
  20. hickuptruck

    For Sale  Pls Delete

    Pls Delete
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