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    For Sale 2003 100 Series 80k Miles

    I know...not wild about the color. But those miles! I pulled the carfax and it's spent a lot of its life in Cleveland, OH. I reached out to the guy and he said that he will send some pictures underneath when he gets back from vacation. Sounds like there might be some rust issues though! Anyone...
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    For Sale 2000 Land Cruiser - 129k miles - Northwest Arkansas

    Hey there. I'm very interested in this rig! I'm in Nashville but willing to travel. Give me a shout at 615.414.6848.
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    Wanted  100 Series - less than 130k miles

    Hey all, New to the site. I'm looking for a 100 series with under 130k miles if possible. Have been looking at the 2001-2003 models and haven't had much luck finding anything lately. I live in Nashville, TN and would love find something close by if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated...
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    For Sale 2003 Land Cruiser in PDX

    New to this site today. Can you share the price or email me at
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