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  1. audaciousduo

    Wanted 12v B edic <==== wanted

    I've got one off a 3B that's a 12volt. Not sure if the B and 3B are the same.
  2. audaciousduo

    For Sale  BC Canada 60 Series heater control

    Nice 60 series heater control out of a 1984 BJ60. 25 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  3. audaciousduo

    For Sale  BC Canada 1984 BJ60 Dash Bezel

    For Sale a nice BJ60 Dash Bezel / Radio cover. Nice shape. $25 plus Shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  4. audaciousduo

    For Sale  1984 BJ60 gauges BC, Canada

    Nice BJ60 gauge cluster. Dusty but in good shape. $75 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  5. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    Have both and they have no holes in them.
  6. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    I've got three out the four door and they are decent. The rad support was toast but the lower valance panel is good.
  7. audaciousduo

    Wanted East Texas- Hand Throttle & misc. components

    I've got one but it's off a diesel truck and has the filter light beside it. Probably not what you were looking for on an FJ
  8. audaciousduo

    Wanted FOUND Early H41 Transmission

    I've got a couple, where are you located?
  9. audaciousduo

    Wanted Rear Wheel Well Jump Seats for 1977 FJ40 with Roll Bar

    I have one good one from a 1980 BJ40. It's grey in color.
  10. audaciousduo

    Old guy with Prado on Vancouver Island

    Welcome, Ive had plenty of rovers II, IIA, III and a defender 110. I've had plenty of Cruisers as well 40's, 70's, a 60 and a couple 80's. Other than the aluminum body I'd take a cruiser any day. Way tougher
  11. audaciousduo

    Parting Out BJ60 South Vancouver Island Canada

    Brown. Sorry
  12. audaciousduo

    Parting Out BJ60 South Vancouver Island Canada

    Most of the truck is gone as it was a rust bucket. Don't have it sorry. I've got dash clusters, 12 volt relays, a 12 volt epic motor, to fenders, a couple doors and the lower from valance. Thats about it.
  13. audaciousduo

    Parting Out BJ60 South Vancouver Island Canada

    Not much left of it now. They are gone sorry
  14. audaciousduo

    For Sale  Vancouver Island, BJ60 parts

    I'm going to stick to the diesel 40's and am getting out of the 60 series parts. Some shop cleaning is leading to some grab boxes. Shipping is not included but I will ship the cheapest way possible of you can arrange for mud shipping. Box 1. 12 volt EDIC motor, 12 Volt Wiper motor and a bunch...
  15. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    Mine are 60's with the round headlights. Sorry
  16. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    No problem. The tailgate went to a local cruiser head months ago. Nice patch work. You get good at it with these trucks.
  17. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    I want to sell the works as a complete kit with the shocks, steering stabilizer, bushings and greasable shackles. I'd split up the axles and complete kit but not just the springs. Sorry
  18. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    I've got a bunch whole cut up 60 that's going to the scrap bin if you want to have a look for patch panels before I toss it but it's going soon. Take what you need as I'd rather see it go to use.
  19. audaciousduo

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    I have a pair of 60 series axles with a complete Old Man Emu 2.5 lift kit I'm looking to sell. I'd take 24 volt parts into consideration for partial trade. They 3.70:1 ratios and have 170K on them. I'm in Cowichan Valley south of Duncan. They are going on used Cowichan in a couple days if there...
  20. audaciousduo

    3B cam B cam

    WOW! Thats crazy. All that metal floating around has to have wiped all the bearings as well.
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