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  1. ianacole

    Many thanks for the return of my wheel/tire!!

    I don't recall your user ID here, but you returned my wheel and tire after losing it at 60 MPH on 285 today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to make mine easier after it turned horribly crappy really quickly. Thank you so very much!!! I'd love to buy you a :beer:, or 12.
  2. ianacole

    For Sale  1970-1975 FJ40/55 Brake Master Cylinder

    [CO] 1970-1975 FJ40/55 Brake Master Cylinder NIB, with reservoirs, p/n 47201-60010. Pics: Located in Lakewood, CO, can meet in greater Denver Metro area. Asking $150 plus shipping, OBO. Thanks! Ian
  3. ianacole

    For Sale  Built '73 FJ40 - Colorado

    Howdy folks! Final price drop: $10,500 firm. After much soul-searching and discussion with the financial manager, it doesn't come as much surprise that I really miss racing, and the way for me to get back into it is to sell my 1973 FJ40 to fund a car purchase. I really wish I could do...
  4. ianacole

    Mirror mounting question

    Is there anything more to the mirror mount I highlighted in the CCOT picture attached than being just angle brackets? Tapered holes or anything of the sort? I have the arms and all, just missing the mounts, and hoping a trip to Home Depot will provide the solution...
  5. ianacole

    Another Steering Wheel Picture Thread

    I'm replacing my tired, old, aftermarket steering wheel in my '73 and trying to decide between the Grant 313 (wood) and Grant 702 wheels. 313: 702: Anyone with either of these with pics? I like the classic look of the wood - but would it compliment the 40? My wife likes the...
  6. ianacole

    Turn Signal Electrical Help

    I'm leaning towards the hazard switch being the issue, but wanted to run it by those much more knowledgeable than I. Using the schematic from the FSM (image attached), GL (Green/Light Blue) comes from the hazard switch, through the turn signal switch, then routes to either GB (Green/Black) or...
  7. ianacole

    craigslist  Not Mine: 1984 FJ60

    Asking $17,500...trying to determine if it's a reasonable request. Thoughts? Toyota FJ-60 Landcruiser--one of the VERY BEST
  8. ianacole

    Front Heater Mounting Question

    Does the front heater for a '75 40 bolt directly to the firewall, or is there some sort of spacer? TIA! Ian
  9. ianacole

    Electrical problems - need help.

    I was having some problems with my stereo in my '74 40, so I climbed in to take a look at the wiring. Since then, I've encountered another problem - Anything that was a positive lead, when tested with a diode tester (audible) tests as being shorted to ground, switched power and non-switched...
  10. ianacole

    75 heater help

    I need some help. I purchased a '75 40 knowing the heater (front) didn't work. The rear heats fine, and reach in around the front heater I can feel one of the hoses is hot, but the core is ice cold. I assume this is indicitive of a clogged front core. The PO gave me a spare heater, which I had...
  11. ianacole

    350 Heating Problem Help

    I need some help with a mild overheating problem. Technical info: '75 40 with a 350 swap - purchased 1 month ago with the swap already done No idea of the year of the motor (haven't cleaned the area with the casting numbers yet). Stock radiator Fan is on the motor Holley carburetor...
  12. ianacole

    Heater Valve Question

    I searched and did not find reference to my question. A lot of hose routing threads with pics, but not this, and my Haynes is about useless: For my '75 40, the heater valve on the firewall is opened and closed with a cable. Mine is missing. How does this cable route and where does the other...
  13. ianacole

    Greetings and a question

    Greetings all! My name is Ian, I live in Lakewood, CO, and I just picked up my first FJ40. I have been wanting one for a LOOOOOOONNNNNG time. I'm not new to the Toyota world. Until recently I owned an '81 4x4 PU with 6.5" of lift, 35 BFGs, and a 22r bored .030 over with a holley carb and offy...
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