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  1. Cromagnon

    Heater Blower Motor

    On my '78 the first detent is Low and the second detent is High plus the rear heater comes on. It was the same on my '77 that I bought in '78, so came from the factory that way.
  2. Cromagnon

    1973-1978 Steel Cup Holders (factory hardware install)

    I'll sign up for one.
  3. Cromagnon

    Electrical nightmare?

    If you know what the steering column came from you could get a wiring diagram for that vehicle and figure out what the blue plug pinouts are. The black connectors do not look like Toyota OEM and they have been cobbled together with copious amounts of electrical tape and who knows what else. To...
  4. Cromagnon

    Electrical nightmare?

    Why would you make this is just plain WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness look at all of the various sag conversions using Toy columns. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting two or three.
  5. Cromagnon

    Battery Sparked No Power

    Contact @Coolerman for a kit that includes the fusible link and OEM connectors.
  6. Cromagnon

    Under Body "Disco" lighting

    This just made me smile!! There are all sorts of proclivities concerning vehicles. My favorite one was a H2 with low profile tires. I just smile and shake my head.
  7. Cromagnon

    Battery 101

    Back on 3 Dec I posted this to one of your other threads. Did you forget this or just choose to ignore it? "Both of the small red wires require fusible links at the battery, not somewhere else downstream (upstream if you follow hole theory) in the circuit. Also there is some BS Black tape on...
  8. Cromagnon

    Help identifying 1975 blower motor wiring

    If you would, take another picture of the blower after cleaning the dirt off of the wires so the colors are easier to see. There should be a LW, LB and WB. If that checks out then all you need is the correct connector half and terminals and match up the wires by color.
  9. Cromagnon

    ‘82 FJ40 wiring question

    All of what @3_puppies said. The single white wire should be a fusible link and I believe @Coolerman or @ToyotaMatt has them available with the OEM connector to plug into the connector with the two wires coming out of and going to two separate fuse holders.
  10. Cromagnon

    Is this hardtop bracket correct?

  11. Cromagnon

    Help identifying 1975 blower motor wiring

    I notice that the picture of the blower, Pic 1, shows a WB wire going into the harness cover but the three unterminated wires, Pic 3 and Pic 4, have a BW wire. Where does that BW wire come from?
  12. Cromagnon

    Help identifying 1975 blower motor wiring

    What is the production date? That color code corresponds to a '74 FJ40 wiring diagram that I found (I believe from @Coolerman ). LB, LW and WB. The BW wire coming from the blower is most likely married to the WB in the harness.
  13. Cromagnon

    Help identifying 1975 blower motor wiring

    Check with @ToyotaMatt or @Coolerman for the connector halves and terminals, if you are keeping it stock.
  14. Cromagnon

    Help identifying 1975 blower motor wiring

    What colors do you have on the wires to the blower? What colors do you have on the harness side of the connector? Perhaps you have a blower from another year or aftermarket version. Sometimes the wires from the device, in your case the blower, are solid colors and they follow the wire stripe...
  15. Cromagnon

    Flat tow FJ40 with lockout REAR hubs

    I would think for what it would cost to swap out the rear axle you could get a decent trailer to put your 40 on, and you would be able to back it up and have brakes too.
  16. Cromagnon

    1978 FJ40 Dash Pad Light

    Go back to Michigan.
  17. Cromagnon

    Left Turn Signal Not Working ?

    Your premise that the bulb is either good or not is valid. If BOTH the front and rear left bulbs light up then I would do the cheap and easy things first. Clean the sockets until they are nice and shinny. Triple check the grounds. There are several threads showing how to add grounds to the...
  18. Cromagnon

    Left Turn Signal Not Working ?

    The year is kind of important too. You know if you don't want to explain what vehicle you are talking about everytime you start a thread put it in your signature line. If it was working and then just quit, why not do the easy thing and check your lights. Chances are one died. Read the...
  19. Cromagnon

    Left Turn Signal Not Working ?

    So do we assume you have a 65 fj45? What other symptoms are there? Have you tried looking for other threads that have your issues? Make sure the bulbs are good and are the correct wattage. Triple check grounds. Clean every contact you see. There must be a bijillion threads on this.
  20. Cromagnon

    1975 FJ40 Front Fender Turn Signal Hole Location

    If you look under the fender you should see a metal reinforcing piece that the turn signal assembly mounts to. Just open the hole from the bottom to the top.
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