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  1. RHINO

    RIP CSC#007, Kevin Patterson AKA Tools R Us

    holy cow!!! i just wandered into the CSC corner to check in on things and had no idea Kevin passed,,,, wow, time spent with him was always good,, he was awesome.
  2. RHINO

    I went for it!

    very mixed reviews on those, mine was a pile.
  3. RHINO

    Cool sighting

    its a MAN chassis,,, and most likley UNICAT body.
  4. RHINO

    SW Colorado - 4wd Trout Adventure & Alpine backroads

    wow, oversaturation,,,,, hurts my eyes. great trip though.
  5. RHINO

    East Valley Performance parts no more

    the light rail is yet another example of why ppl like to drive theyre own cars,,,, i mean, some of the ppl on public transit just need to be taken out behind the woodshed and,,, you know.
  6. RHINO


    straight down, just like it should:D
  7. RHINO


    ok, cook and manuel, i aint drivin down there on the weekday eve, but i'll buy ya'll the first round some other time. oh yeah emoticon:beer: (ya bastids)
  8. RHINO


    I keep forgetting you crotchity turds need emoticons to recognize sarcasm.
  9. RHINO

    Need stock air box

    cool, thanks.
  10. RHINO

    Need stock air box

    the pics above show a square intake, i have one of those if anyone needs it. is the 96 a round one? i have been causally looking for one.
  11. RHINO


    is it too far to drive to the already in place and occuroing eat meet and greet that takes place in tempe every month?, or do you just want to be a rebel and start your own?
  12. RHINO

    Back in town and for sale

    moved to seattle,,,,,:D
  13. RHINO

    tires and wheels FS

    16x7 or maybe 7.25
  14. RHINO

    tires and wheels FS

  15. RHINO

    ultraguage owners

    i dont leave the unit in my vehicle because its my phone,,, i like to keep it with me.
  16. RHINO

    Ingenius suspension idea

    i'm trying to remember back, like 6-7 yrs ago at least when i first saw those, somebody here in AZ did that, maybe campbell? my point is that they didnt catch on, maybe for a reason?
  17. RHINO

    interest in my pig?

    with my son riding his moto most of the time and my daughter at NAU during the season we were gonna replace both there cars with one newer one to share, so i might be up for a trade on a good used car if that strikes anyone.
  18. RHINO

    interest in my pig?

    LOL guys, and gal. always thought it would be a great chassis for a clean body.
  19. RHINO

    interest in my pig?

    Aww that makes me all warm and fuzzy. I really woulda liked to go but I was fly fishin the black river.
  20. RHINO

    interest in my pig?

    just wanted to throw it out there, any locals interested in my pig,, needs a new home. most of ya know about it, those that dont feel free to contact me. asking $4500 but we can talk offers.
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