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  1. kiwidog

    4 speed output shaft spline wear repair.

    Anyone who has pulled transfer case from a 4 speed with any amount of miles or harder use on it has seen this. The splines on the shaft about half or more worn where the the transfer case input gear sits on the shaft. The spline wear seems to happen mostly on the shaft and the splines in the...
  2. kiwidog

    2F and F Cradle.

    This may help anyone working on a 2F. Here's a cradle I have use many times for storing and working on a 2F It is made from 3/4 inch plywood or scraps of whatever you have on hand. It works well if you attach four swivel castors on the bottom. It easy to move a 2F around on a concrete floor...
  3. kiwidog

    Wet DS floor fix

    There has been lot written and suggested fixes for the DS wet floor mats. As has been said many times it's the sun roof drains. Having played with it for a few times. Blowing them out and pouring water down to see it come out the pinch seam vents on the rocker panel. It seemed like it was a...
  4. kiwidog

    Front bearing retainer seal replacement 4sp

    Replacing the front seal on a 4 speed transmission can be a little tricky. It is not the easiest seal to get out. Find that crushing the seal body works the best. The seal get small as you hit on and will eventually fall out. Good chance to clean the seal cavity before you install the new. If...
  5. kiwidog

    Painting OEM steel wheels

    Have 5 steel OEM steel wheels that needed to be cleaned up and painted. Sand blasted them the remove the rust and to get down to a good base. Ground the dents the knobs from the outed rims. Most of them where pretty good. The outside edge thad the most minor dents. The inside edge had almost...
  6. kiwidog

    Cad plated parts

    Part of the restoration of the "78 required that the bolts and small parts needed re-plating. The '78 was just about complete and hadn't been molested so pretty all the pieces where there. It amazing how many small parts there are. Took the whole vehicle apart and made a few notes to help with...
  7. kiwidog

    Rad support grill

    Never liked the flimsy upper grill on the '78 up rad support. The older ones had a higher grill which stood above the rad support to protect the rad and in my opinion looked better. Had to make replacement for the 1978 resto and light mod. Came up with this as replacement, with old one shown...
  8. kiwidog

    Distributor advancer

    Any know of a source for for the distributor advancer /retarder for a 1978 electronic distributor (small cap) Talked Cruiser Dan this morning and the OEM part is not available. There maybe some other OEM part from a different model Toyota that may work? May try taking the vac pot a part...
  9. kiwidog

    Frame Mover

    Had to make a little room in the shop after pulling the axles off the frame. Getting ready to overhaul the front and the rear complete. These are out of the '78 and have 3.7 gears so it will be more of a highway queen. Wanted to move the '78 frame out as the frame from the '76 is in better...
  10. kiwidog

    !978 fj40 for parts source

    Just picked up a very rusty 1978 40, basically complete and largely unmolested except for the rust. Doing a frame off on a 1976 which may became a '78. Picked it up yesterday with the son's Dodge and the neighbours trailer. Put a battery in it, checked it had oil, and the rad had fluid in it...
  11. kiwidog

    Goodyear Wrangler thoughts.

    Recently went on little wheeling trip with my son and his 1984 BJ 60 Turbo. We trailered it for six hours with skid steer type trailer, being pulled by 2001 3/4 4x4 Dodge Cummins diesel. I don't think the old 60 had never gone as fast as on the trailer. The Dodge really pulls well, averaged...
  12. kiwidog

    4 wheel drive hitch cover

    Was doing some painting around the house and had 1/2 an hour to kill waiting for the paint to dry, to put the second coat on. Came up with this for a hitch cover. Had an idea to use a 4 wheel drive emblem from a 40 series as part of the cover. Haven't figured out how to attach the emblem to...
  13. kiwidog

    SOA 60 travelling north on 101 SF

    Any one know who's rig this is? Seen in the South Bay area Sunday at 4:00 pm Match 7th Sorry for the poor picture. Thumb's up from the wife. Thanks jb
  14. kiwidog

    Question regarding 2F block color?

    Was cleaning the 2F block for re-paint and noticed the color under the orange the PO had painted it was a very light grey to an almost dirty white. The motor has been rebuilt at some point as has 0.050 over pistons. The truck is March 1976 and the engine appears to be the original from the...
  15. kiwidog

    Building the bracket for a mini truck PS box into 1976 FJ40

    Wanted to add power steering to the 1976 rebuild and wanted to use OEM parts so the box was in the same place as original with the relay box up front, and all 6 TRE's Have a 1980 with factory power steering and like the way it steers, and it can also can accommodate the OEM PTO winch. Also have...
  16. kiwidog

    FJ40 Rear cross member and bracket replacement

    The start of the frame repair. Removed most of the rivets by grinding the head of with 4.5' disc grinder. Had to cut heads of some with the torch. Pried the brackets off then ground the remaining rivets flush with the frame and then knocked the out with 3/16' punch and small BP hammer Had the...
  17. kiwidog

    Foam squeegee

    Son bought a foam squeegee for the shop. He said it would dry the floor way better than the hard rubber one I've had for years. Cost $20.00 for a 22" model. He paid for it. Can't beat that. He seems to know where to get deals. Harper 22" Moss Foam Squeegee - GEMPLER'S - Outdoor Work Supplies...
  18. kiwidog

    Remote Start

    Hey Guys I was wondering if any of you have put a remote start on a BJ60 before. I would like to put one on just haven't come across a starter that will work with manual glow plugs. What i want to be able to do is manually glow it with the remote by using the AUX but it has to stay on as long as...
  19. kiwidog

    Bendix tandem diaphragm booster

    Help. Anyone have a FSM with the overhaul procedure for the Bendix. The manual I have has the Aisin and the JKC tandem but no Bendix I'm working on 3/76 FJ40 Any help very much appreciated Thanks jb
  20. kiwidog

    Hub cap clip help.

    Anyone have a close-up picture of the hub cap clip on an early style wheel. I have late model welded wheels and want to install hub cap clips on them. I have found a source for clips for early Chev cars and trucks which I think might work. I wanted to get the closest match. A picture of where...
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