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  1. Brad Kayser

    Thank You Prospeed Roof Racks

    Extreamly happy with my new Prospeed roof rack!! Thank you for doing a great job!!
  2. Brad Kayser

    Most Amazing Mods Ever!! Get Ready for the End of the World!!

    A few mods for my daughters 6th B Day. Corona virus B Day party. I never saw this one coming!!🤣🤣
  3. Brad Kayser

    LEDs for the back Hatch??

    Has any one put 4' LEDs where the nuts for the rear wind flare is? If so what are your thoughts / recommendations??
  4. Brad Kayser

    This trim paint is great!! My tape lines, not so great...

    This trim paint is awesome if you need to refresh my 2001 100 series after a little work
  5. Brad Kayser

    New Carpet Turned out Great!!

  6. Brad Kayser

    Clam Shell

    Anyone know who will build or sell this design??
  7. Brad Kayser

    Stereo Systems for a 100 series??

    Any recommendations on 7" stereos for a 100 series?
  8. Brad Kayser

    New Carpet Recommendations

    Anyone reccomend a supplier for new carpet for a 100 series lc?
  9. Brad Kayser

    Wind deflector

    Any advice on where to find a wind deflector for a 100 series that doesn't cost more than 400.00?
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