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  1. HeathRJ

    For Sale  (SOLD) Factory Service Manuals & Owners Manual - for sale

    Three manuals up for sale: 2F Engine Repair Manual - 1976 - excellent condition - $45 Land Cruiser Body & Chassis Repair Manual - 1980 - $45 (some smudges on edges) covers FJ40 & FJ55 1976 LandCruiser Owners Manual (Covers FJ40 & FJ55) - $25 All prices are 'shipped' prices. Buy all three for...
  2. HeathRJ

    For Sale: Underseat Tools, and engine crank

    Title says it all - Cleaning out the garage a bit. $50 + shipping There is a jack in the picture too, but i don't think it belongs to a 55...
  3. HeathRJ

    Africa trip - Liberia

    we returned from Liberia, Africa late monday night and I think we are almost caught up on our sleep. We had a great time and if anything, the trip was too short. We spent 7 days in Yekepa, Liberia working to restore a facualty house at ABC University (formerly known as African Bible College)...
  4. HeathRJ

    2008 Cottonland Member Dues

    Well it's that time again to renew your membership in the Cottonland Cruisers. Dues for the CLC are $15 per year. Some people, like Doc, like to pay for several years at once, so they don't have to remember again for a long time. Those who have paid for 2008 will be added to the sticky...
  5. HeathRJ

    Anybody need a OEM 2f manifold gasket - cheap

    I don't have a 2f any more, so I don't need the gasket either. payment by beer accepted.
  6. HeathRJ

    2f OEM Manifold gasket - FS

    I bought it for Olivia and she's gone now. Cost $50 at the dealership I think. Anyone need one $30? Thanks!
  7. HeathRJ

    Olivia is on eBay!

    Well - that pretty much says it all. Tell anybody you know who is looking for a clean truck.... link to Olivia HERE
  8. HeathRJ

    Cottonland Cruisers **2010 Member Roster**

    To join CottonLand Cruisers using Paypal please send your annual dues of $15 using the folowing instructions: Send payments to Please include the following information in your payment: - Name - Address - email - Model of your Toyota 4x4...
  9. HeathRJ

    Needed: Glove Box door handle

    Let me know if you have one.. mine broke into 5 pieces.
  10. HeathRJ

    Help Needed

    Hi guys - This is a little late notice, but we are moving this weekend and could use a little assistance. We will be moving from our house on Madison street to a townhouse on Linden place in Belhaven (across from Barry's Hause). If anyone is available, we'll be starting around 10 am...
  11. HeathRJ

    The FJ55 Weatherstrip Guide

    I've been compiling this list for awhile as I have been "refurbishing" my 55. Following are part numbers, prices, sources, and pics for most of the rubber parts on the Pig. Most parts are identical or very close to factory - while a few were chosen for economics. If I left out anything...
  12. HeathRJ

    Oil Extractor - coolest thing since FJ55's

    I know i'm going to be ragged a bit for this one, but I just purchased an oil extractor so as to be able to do oil changes at home. I don't have much of a garage or smooth place to work. It uses a vacuum pump to suck the oil out of your oil pan (inserted through the dip stick tube) so you...
  13. HeathRJ

    Spotlight - Free

    Does anybody want the old spotlight that was on my truck? It is a Unity spotlight from the 70's and looks much like the image below. Needs to be reworked. Act fast or it goes to the dumpster...
  14. HeathRJ

    Painting Opinions Needed

    Hi Guys, My pig is currently at the paint shop, and i'm trying to decide about some of the paint lines. The 55 will be mostly stock and used as a DD. Do you prefer the stock paint lines for doors and door jambs, or the slightly modified lines on the fj45 shown below? I'm currently...
  15. HeathRJ

    License plate light needed

    I have one good one, but need one more. I have a good rubber gasket as well - so that is not necessary. Thanks for the help.
  16. HeathRJ

    Free to a good Pig home.....TG Weatherstrip

    I've got an original WS free to the first who needs it. It is in ok condition. My pig is being painted and i'll be buying a new WS from PV Cruisers. It's not great, but better than nothing. I'll try to post a picture of it later today... link to my pig...
  17. HeathRJ

    Painting the Pig

    Painting the Pig - Update Well, the time has finally arrived for Olivia to get a new coat of paint (and some new skin). Looks like we will be "stripping the pig" of all trim, glass, etc... this Saturday at Greg's place. Come by if you would like to give a hand. See you all tonight at the...
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