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  1. FJ4FUN

    Rear window "channel sub-assembly" replacement/fix?

    Hello All, The channel sub-assy and filler on my rear windows has creeped forward on the lower edge of the glass about an inch over time and I can only lower the windows about 4" before the regulator wheel extends beyond the track causing the window to fall all the way down into the door. I'm...
  2. FJ4FUN

    Parting Out  '01-'02 4Runner DBA T3 slotted front rotors **NIB**

    Have a set of New In Box DBA T3 slotted rotors for 2001-2002 4Runner (may fit other years, not sure....) Purchased from Summit Racing (PN: DBA 4792S) a few years back. Paid $180.00ea will sell for $200 + shipping. These are brand new and in perfect condition. They were mistakenly shipped to me...
  3. FJ4FUN

    "high mileage" 2003, to buy or not to buy?

    Hello All, long story short.. recently totaled my trusty and built FJ80 due to no fault of my own and was running down the path of replacing it when I started to consider moving up to a V8. My ONLY real perceived downside to the 80 was the gutless, thirsty motor. I'm ok with poor mileage as...
  4. FJ4FUN

    Strange happenings with rear hatch lock actuator

    1st off let me state for the records that I have an aversion to anything electrical. That being said I'm trying to figure out a weird situation with the rear hatch lock (I suspect). Whenever I open the rear hatch glass it auto locks all the doors and I notice that the brake lights will flicker...
  5. FJ4FUN

    Emergency Heater Core bypass??

    Hello All, Need some quick advice... I've been noticing moisture on the ground underneath front passenger door when my 80 is parked exactly like occurs when parked after using the A/C except I haven't been using the A/C. Checking closer the moisture on the ground does smell like anti-freeze...
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