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  1. rdublt1

    73 FJ40 Jumpseats for sale

    Hi All, I have owned my 40 for 14 years and these have been stored in the garage since day 1! They are in very good shape- only a couple of small tears where the material wraps around the tubing. No tears in the seating surfaces. Pics are of one seat - the other is in similar condition. I will...
  2. rdublt1

    Fuel Delivery Issue?

    So- the 40 has been running really good. Lots of power since I went to the electric fan. When I started it to leave work it started acting like it was gasping for fuel (had that lean sound). I still had 7-8lbs of fuel pressure (before the inline filter just before the inlet to the carb). Staring...
  3. rdublt1

    96 Camaro Electric Fan Mounted

    Well it is finally in. I was running a rigid steel fan with no clutch- kept it cool but it robbed some serious power! I am not kidding- I'd bet going to the electric fan gave me back at least 30 horsepower! Plus now I can actually rev the thing past 4000 rpm without the belt squeeling like a...
  4. rdublt1

    My New 62

    Well I finally joined the waggy ranks and got myself an FJ62 :beer: . I paid $1300 for it- got 240K on the clock, some rust, tranny slips, but runs good and has and ARB bumper. I am probably going to sell the 40 to fund the 62 build up. Now that I have almost 2 kids (one due in may) and 2 dogs...
  5. rdublt1

    "Snap" goes the axle!

    My friend is in the middle of a project and needing something to drive. I let him use the FJ40 until his vehicle is done. He called me and said that he was just pulling out of the parking lot at work and the long side rear axle shaft broke. We pulled it out and it broke about 6" in from the hub...
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