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  1. lunyou

    Lunyou's Budget Cruiser buildup thread

    I just caught back up on all this. There isn't any updates to report. I had decided to part it out, but after reading my plans I want to start it back up. I have actually considered chopping the rear bed off at the cab and fabbing some kind of cab. That way I get around the whole fixing...
  2. lunyou

    For those of you with a tcase disc ebrake...

    I sheared my 40s t-case e-brake off when I was test driving it. Didn't know it was on and the truck was in low range. Popped it off like the bolts were nothing. lunyou
  3. lunyou

    Ramsey 8000# Winch ?

    be careful it might be something really simple. Not sure what it might be but you don't want to break anything. lunyou
  4. lunyou

    quick question: Window regulators

    okay that is what I was looking for. I knew the were opposites but if they are mirrored opposites you might could flip it over. I am pretty sure you can do this with the rear doors. lunyou
  5. lunyou

    quick question: Window regulators

    In the front doors, can you just flip the passenger side window regulator to make it a drivers side windwo regulator. I ask for two reasons, mainly b/c someone PMed me about needing the drivers side and I don't have one readily available. But I do have a passenger side. The second is b/c I...
  6. lunyou

    REALLY REAL TIME: Removing Aisin Hubs

    Hey guys i am down at my dad's trying to remove the locking hubs off my 60. I can get the outside part with the "selector" on it off. Then I take the little nuts off from around the hub and the loose washers. Now what. I try pecking on the cone washers that are surrounding the studs like...
  7. lunyou

    chopped roofs and doorless cruisers

    hey take a look in my sig line...I started it and really got in over my head. I have quite a few pictures of it mid project and that is the way it sits right now. lunyou
  8. lunyou

    I've always wondered what a 2F looked like

    you could always go to "the big gay 2F build" in the 40 section and see what it looks like but imagine a more subtle paint sceme. lunyou
  9. lunyou

    What is this part?

    definatly don't have one of those in my 85 but had somethign similar in my other one that was the compressor to the air horn that didn't work. lunyou
  10. lunyou

    RT Help : Run w/o Spark Plug ?

    i love high mileage trucks. I have friends and they are like my truck has 12x,xxx miles and I think I need a new one its running kind of rough. I say, "really?, My dad gave away a Toyota camry with 420k miles and their eyes get really big and then i tell them about my 4runner that was running...
  11. lunyou

    heater problem

    why was it leaking............well that is the big problem that my cruiser has faced since I got it(FREE). It has a bad head gasket. Its seems to be a cold weather leak since I don't loose much antifreeze in the summer. I know I need to get it fixed but am currently looking for another...
  12. lunyou

    heater problem

    Okay I fixed. it There was alot of air in the cooling system was about 1 almost a gallon low on coolant so I filled it up and now it works great. I am expecting having to put a bit more in due to little air pockets that were bound to be in the system from being low. lunyou
  13. lunyou

    heater problem

    the temp gauge says it is normal but the air blowing out of the vents is still cold lunyou
  14. lunyou

    heater problem

    Not the same as the other recent thread. When idling my heater blows cold although the temp gauge is where it should be..........after I start rolling again and get the RPMs up to driving levels the heater starts blowing again and gets hot enough that it will burn your hand if left by the vent...
  15. lunyou

    I'm Dumb - Slave cylinder

    okay thanks lunyou
  16. lunyou

    I'm Dumb - Slave cylinder

    So I went out today and I have no clutch.............put the truck in gear and try to start and the truck tries to crawl away...........knew it was coming. So I got out my toyota factory service manual and I found the Master Cylinder no problem............but where the heck is the slave? The...
  17. lunyou

    Mushy Clutch

    Hey guys got a clutch in my 60 has gotten really soft or mushy in the last few days(sub 20 degree days) and although it isn't causing me any problems I feel that there might be a problem brewing. The since I didn't measure it I will say that I have to push it about 3/4 of the...
  18. lunyou

    ROTW sign up sheet

    Hey I just remembered that my rig is coming up. Can someone take my slot....I have done nothing to my rig in the past few months. Thans lunyou
  19. lunyou

    The Reality of the 60 on Road Trips

    Hey I didn't read the whole thread so don't shoot me if this has been mentioned: Taller skinny tires work great. I have 33x9.50s in a 85 that has quite a few miles and set for 4 years in a garage before I picked it up. I still haven't done a tune up and I get 17 MPG(that is corrected for...
  20. lunyou

    Hypothetical Question from a dumb newcomer

    RED if you can't post the pictures just PM me and I will get you my email address/ From there I will post all of your pictures and put them in this thread. lunyou
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